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zlien’s Research Team is fighting for you even when you’re unsure about a job site for new construction

Posted by Emily Carlson

10/10/18 11:19 AM

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: A new job comes across your desk, and it’s for new construction. It’s up to you to take care of admin requirements on all new jobs, and that includes filing preliminary notices to protect lien rights. But this one is tricky - the job is new construction, and you can’t narrow down the actual address where the job is located. That’s a crucial piece of information needed to protect lien rights and exchange documents.

Now what?

Here’s how zlien’s Research Team is fighting for you even when you’re unsure about a job site for new construction. Alan McBride, one of our expert researchers, is always up for the challenge to help you get what you earn.

How zlien and Our Research Team are working for you

Gracia works for a large window and glass supplier. She is responsible for setting up all accounts and filing preliminary notices. Her company relies on zlien to stay protected and get paid. Recently, they won a bid for a job constructing two new towers downtown. It was time for Gracia to set up the job in zlien and file her notices, but she was unsure if the job address was correct. She knew the general area where her company would be shipping materials, but she was not confident that she had the right address to file her preliminary notice.

The correct address is important when it comes to filing preliminary notices and protecting lien rights. It helps folks on the job know the property owner and where to send documents. Ideally, exchanging visibility documents like preliminary notices will get everyone on the job talking sooner and yield smooth payments throughout the project.

Gracia reached out to our Customer Support Team to help her set up this job and find the right address - that’s when I first ‘met’ Gracia! I answered her call and could tell she was worried about this job. Not only was she uncertain about the job address, it was also for a very large bid. I immediately looped in one of the folks from our Research Team, Alan McBride. Gracia was in good hands with Alan, as he will stop at nothing to find the information our customers need to send documents out right the first time, every time.

Alan McBride

Alan went to work to help Gracia get what she needed. He searched through county records and construction bid sites to uncover that this piece of land was assigned a new land parcel. Generally, that happens for new construction and can make it tricky to pin down a street address. He discovered a grant deed confirming the new assessor’s parcel number for the job site in addition to the new owner and construction lender.

Gracia can take it easy now that zlien has removed her stress from this job’s set up. Hunting down details like new parcel numbers and lenders are just a part of everyday business for our Research Team. We fight for customers like Gracia to make your lives easier, remove stress and get you what you earn.

Do you want to see our research team in action? 

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