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zlien's Fulfillment Team: We Bring the Magic to Help You Achieve

Posted by Madeline Fortino

5/7/15 11:48 AM


The word fulfillment has two meanings: (1) a state of realization and achievement, and (2) the process of handling and executing orders for a business. But which meaning belongs to the fulfillment team at zlien? Both. We’re not just a department that executes customer orders to get them out the door—our goal is to bring orders to achievement.

Most of the zlien platform relies on our technology and automated features, however a zlien representative from the Fulfillment Team generally works on every order. There are over 1300 products available through zlien, and fulfillment begins as soon as you order one.

We use a couple of steps to move our process of achieving your order along, and this post will explore each step.  


You provide the data and we verify the required aspects—such as property ownership, legal description, and statute requirements—to make sure your order is being prepared properly. We will often need to verify information through county assessor offices nationwide, as well as through third party platforms that provide property reports and deed records in each state.

We also often will need to verify details with you to better understand your project, and confirm how you would like to proceed if certain situations pop up—such as a different owner on record than the one you provided. Sometimes we will need to reach out to you personally through email—other times we will send you a notification through the platform.


Once we have your order verified, we proceed to send it out according to statute regulations. For example, an Oregon preliminary notice ordered for a Material Supplier is required to be mailed to the property owner via certified mail return receipt. We accomplish this by sending it to our third party mailing system, Walz. In a different instance, orders that are recorded by the county, such as Mechanics Liens, are put in a queue for our lien controller. The lien controller sends these documents out to be recorded, generally via FedEx or through an online portal called Simplifile. We follow up-to-date county guidelines and statute regulations to make sure the document has every chance of being successfully recorded.


In an ideal scenario, everything we mail out for your order is received at the address successfully and without delay. And, ideally, the county clerk records every lien received. But of course, not every order can be sent without some complications.

 The fulfillment team monitors all unsuccessfully delivered mail, alerting you and giving you the option to resend if need be. We also closely monitor rejected liens and other documents filed through the county’s office. It is always out of our hands if the county rejects a document, but we attempt to understand the reasoning for the document’s rejection, and will alert you if we need your input to proceed or resubmit. It’s never ideal to have a document rejected, but it is our goal to resubmit as quickly as possible and with all issues resolved.


There’s nothing we love more in the fulfillment team than setting your order to complete. Once everything has been properly sent and recorded if need be, we make sure your documents are available through the platform, at any time.


What the Fulfillment Team Does (and Doesn't do)

What Fulfillment Does:

  • Verify required information
  • Prepare and send your document
  • Monitor your mailings
  • Alert you of any complications
  • Upload your successful documents to the platform

What Fulfillment Doesn’t Do:


Understanding what the Fulfillment Team does helps you to manage your orders and comprehend the platform better.

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