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Texas: Overview of New Monthly Notice Process

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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1/23/15 2:56 PM


Change has arrived for Texas monthly notices, and our users filing monthly notices in Texas will experience the benefit of these platform enhancements. The new process is broken down into 3 stages:

  • Approval Period
  • Pull Period 1
  • Pull Period 2

Approval Period


The approval period begins the day after the previous months' notice deadline. In Texas, the Submit Period typically begins on the 16th of the month (our system will take into account when the 15th falls on a non-business day such as holidays and weekends). Projects will be populated into the Queue on the first day of the approval period based on your establish preferences and workflow settings. 

Once your notice order appears in the Queue, you can approve or cancel it any time during the Approval Period. The Approval period ends at 3pm CST on the third business day prior to the notice deadline. No new submissions or orders will be consdered once the Approval Period has ended. 

Please keep your workflow settings in mind.

  • If you have chosen Opt-In workflow settings, all notice orders not approved by the end of the Approval Period will be automatically canceled and will not be processed. 
  • If you have chosen Opt-Out workflow settings, all notice orders that have not been canceled will be automatically approved and processed. 
  • If you have chosen Automatic Workflow settings, this will result in the automatic approval and processing of all notice orders that fit your particular parameters. 

Pull Period 1


As a monthly notice customer with zlien, you have complete control over which notices are sent and which are not each month. You have the ability to remove or "pull" notices from mailing until the day on which the notices are due, in accordance with certain considerations. As you can see from the graph, your ability to stop notices from being mailed corresponds with certain order processing stages. 

Since you have already provided zlien with up-to-date A/R information, your Queue will be populated only by notices that are directly related to outstanding invoices. Basically, you'll see the notice orders that are relevant to that particular month. 

Pull Period 1 begins once the Approval Period ends at 3pm CST on the 3rd business day prior to the notice deadline, and will continue until 3am CST on the notice deadline day. Should you decide pull any notice orders during Pull Period 1, you will be charged a $2 pull fee per order. 

Pull Period 2


Pull Period 2 takes places on the notice deadline (which will typically be on the 15th of the month unless the deadline falls on a non-business day). 

  • 3am CST - All orders will have been researched, prepared and fully processed by zlien, and the corresponding mail pieces are sent to zlien's critical mail processing partner: Walz Group. 
  • 3am CST - 10am CST - All mail pieces are batched and await processing and mailing by Walz Group. You will be able to pull orders from this batch with a high degree of certainty that the order will not go out. (Orders with mail pieces that have been combined with other mail pieces to the same recipient from other orders cannot be pulled or canceled). 
  • 10am CST - Walz Group will start mailing the pieces in the batch. 
  • 10am CST - 3pm CST - You might be able to pull orders, but this ability is not guaranteed. The ability to pull an order at this time depends on whether the particular mail pieces has been process and mailed by Walz Group. 
  • 3pm CST - All mail pieces have been sent by Walz Group. Orders can no longer be pulled. 
  • Orders pulled during Pull Period 2 will incur a $6 pull fee per order. 

Want to Learn More?

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