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zlien JobSight Research Documents Explained

Posted by Max Segal

8/10/17 3:29 PM


You’ve likely come to zlien to take away the stress associated with lien rights management.  You’ve conquered the beast, but it still may be unsettling to see a lot of JobSight suggestions popping up on your dashboard or changes made to your project information.  We understand this, so we’ve included the “attachments” section on your project pages to let you see where any discrepancies are coming from and why information is being changed.

In this article, we will deep dive into zlien JobSight Research documents, what they mean, where to access them and why they are useful for you!   

What is the attachment section?

The attachments section of your project page is where our JobSight team uploads evidence they found to verify your project information or suggest a discrepancy.  Our researchers must upload any documentation they find about a project so you can feel confident in what you’ve entered and know why the system is making certain suggestions.  

Where to acess your attachments?

zlien-attachments-summary.pngYou can access this part of your dashboard in our new interface by clicking on a project, selecting “View All Project Details” in the top right corner, and then scrolling to find the box labeled “Attachments” at the bottom of the “Summary” page that follows.  

Note that research documents do not go into the “documents” sections on the lefts side or top of the project page.  That area simply houses the actual notices or claims you have ordered from zlien, not the project documentation our JobSight team found. 

Please note: To access the attachments covered in this post, you need to opt in to the new zlien.  If you have not yet opted into the new design, now is the perfect time to start exploring!  Learn more about the new zlien and your dashboard by watching this webinar: Explore the New zlien User Dashboard

Watch our webinar to learn about updates and improvements to the zlien platform.

 What will you find?

Our researchers will upload any documentation they find on the job address you enter, whether it confirms the information you have entered or suggests a conflict.   You’ll frequently see maps and property reports, which come from county assessors or third party real-estate databases and list things like the property owner and legal property description.  Our team may also add news articles, bidding documents, or information from developers if it pertains to your project.  If you’re ever wondering why a certain change was made or suggested (or just want to feel smart), you can open up the attachments and see the information that prompted the notification or confirmed your data.  Your order summary also lives in this area. This document will show you the project information as it was when the order was placed, so you can use this to check and track changes that have been made to your order.  Once your order is completed, you’ll also have access to the finalized document along with the mailing affidavit in this section.

Make sure you're getting the right job information upfront!  You don't want to add what you think the project address to be, only to find out you were given the wrong information!  

Get it right from the start: Information You Should Get at the Start of Every Project


Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.36.17 AM.png

Why do we include these documents?

We don’t want zlien to feel like a faceless “big brother” controlling your information. After all - this is indeed your information.   We want to be transparent so you can see exactly what is going on with your project every step of the way.  

Our researchers know the importance of evidenced-based research, and we want to pass this along to you because we value your peace of mind.  Because this is a sensitive part of your business, we want to work with you to ensure all your project information is exactly as it should be.

Login to your account now to explore the new zlien and your JobSight Research document: 

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