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Best Practices for Texas Monthly Notices

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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1/23/15 2:59 PM


zlien has made changes to the Texas monthly notice filing process. Here we will discuss best practices for Texas monthly notices on the zlien platform. 

Best Practices


  • On the first day of the Approval Period, remove any orders that you are absolutely certain will not be sent the following month. 
  • As the last day of the Submit Period approaches, invoices that have been paid will automatically be archived, and their associated orders will be canceled and removed from the queue. 
  • Be aware of the following 3 times:

    • End of Submit Period -3pm CST on the third business day prior to the notice due date (usually the 12th). Orders that are not approved will not be researched or processed by zlien. 

    • End of Pull Period 1 - 3am CST on the 15th of the month (or the Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend). During Pull Period 1, a pull fee of $2 is applied to any pulled or canceled orders. 

    • End of Pull Period 2 - 3pm CST on the 15ths of the month (or the Friday before if it falls on a weekend). After this time, no orders can be pulled. It is best to pull any orders by 10am CST on the 15th, as Walz will begin mailing notices at 10am CST, and zlien cannot pull or cancel orders that are sent. Any orders pulled or canceled during Pull Period 2 will incur a $6 pull fee. 


Want to Learn More?

Stay on top of the new process and download our Complete 2015 Texas Monthly Notice Calendar.  The calendar will include when the approval period ends and notice day for each month (taking in account non-business days).  

Download Calendar Now






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