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zlien August 2015 - Monthly Update

Posted by Topher England

8/28/15 1:41 PM


Did you know zlien 's HQ are located in New Orleans? August marks 10 years since Katrina struck New Orleans, and we're proud of the city's resilience and excited for the next 10 years. It took a lot of work to recover from the storm, from reinstating utilities to demoing, rebuilding, and renovating damaged buildings. zlien wants to do its share, which is why we here are zlien are always keeping busy. Over the past month, we’ve updated features, shared a little about how we operate, and posted new tutorials.


System Updates

The weekly summary email looks prettier than ever, and it’s smarter too! Rather than including all deadlines approaching in the next 20 days, the system will display the "5 Most Valuable Upcoming Deadline(s)."

User Success, Behind the Curtain

We really pulled back the curtain on some of the things User Success does: from explaining our philosophy to sharing what we’re reading.

We also shared a few of the apps zlien uses on a daily basis.

User Success is always looking to gauge customer health and use that information to reach out to customers to make sure they’re getting the full value of their subscription.

Tutorial Time

zlien's platform is highly configurable, so it can match the needs of different users, and one of our posts deals with the difference between Opt-in and Opt-out workflow settings. To tidy up your zlien account, consider archiving projects and their associated orders.

For enterprise users, check out one of the most powerful ways to integrate zlien into your business: using the API to have your ERP talk directly with zlien.

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