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zlien 2017 Texas Monthly Notice Checklist

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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6/9/17 1:19 PM

zlien has you covered for all of your Texas lien and notice compliance needs!  We know that Texas rules can be a headache, and that's why we solve this pain for you, and you can focus on more important things like your customer relationships and collecting payment more quickly.  In this post, you can view the complete zlien 2017 Texas Monthly Notice checklist so you never miss a deadline and can have peace of mind. 

Texas monthly notice chart

In Texas, there are unique notice requirements that call for notices to be sent by the 15th of the month on a recurring basis for the same project to secure and maintain lien rights.  When using zlien, this is referred to as a Texas Monthly Notice.  You may call this a Notice of Intent to Lien or Second/Third Month Notice.  To simplify the steps for our customers, we call it a Monthly Notice

When to send a monthly notice depends a great deal on the project type (public or private, commercial or residential) and on your tier on the project (were you hired by the general contractor or another subcontractor?)  Confused yet?  Don't worry, you're not alone!   We've got you covered, and you can easily view the breakdown below to help you determine what to file based on your role and project type.  

To make things even easier for you (I bet you didn't think that was possible), when you plug in your basic project information into zlien, the software will do all of the thinking for you.  You just have to decide whether or not you want to file (or you can set up notice automation to even do that sort of thinking for you too), and then you can spend your valuable time working with your customers to collect payment and maintain your relationships with them.  

You can also access this through Texas Resources: Public  |  Private


Texas Monthly Notices when using zlien

zlien's Texas Monthly Notice Queue has these complicated laws baked in - making it easier for you to protect your projects in Texas.  The Texas Monthly Notice Queue analyzes both your deadlines based on project details and your invoice aging data.  All the while, the Queue keeps the strict 15th-of-the-month deadline in mind to make sure you're getting your notices sent in time. 

For those of you who are very familiar with Texas Monthly Notices, then you're likely used to waiting till notice day to decide if you'd like to file a notice.  Perhaps you even create the notice yourself, lay it out for mailing and wait until the 15th to pull the envelope and not mail your document.  This may be done for reasons like payment received, payment promised or for customer relationship reasons.   Using the Texas Monthly Notice Queue through zlien, you can keep this practice in place but in a much more efficient way.  

The Texas Queue allows you to make document decisions throughout the entire month, and you can pull a notice from being mailed all the way up until notice day.  This way, you have more time to make decisions and focus on your collections and customer-relationship efforts, but you still reserve the option to not send a document. 

So how does zlien manage to let you have the best of both worlds: automation to save time plus the option to pull at the last minute?  We use a strategic, 3-stage practice: 

  1. Approval Period: Your Texas Monthly Notice Queue is populated and ready for you to approve, cancel or pause orders at your discretion.  
  2. End of Approval Period: Set your own preferences to either automatically send (OptOut) or cancel (OptIn) any notices still in the queue when the approval period closes three business days before Notice Day
  3. Pull Period: You can pull any notices ordered from the mail batch up until 10am CST on Notice Day. 

To help you keep track of these stages, we've created a calendar for you and your key dates for Texas notices in 2017: 

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.49.29 PM.png

are you ready to use the Texas monthly notice queue?

You don't have to fear Texas week every again.  You can join our many zlien user saving time, making strategic decisions and preserving relationships through their Texas Monthly Notice Queue. Our most successful users fuel their queue with either an A/R integration such as QuickBooks or by importing their invoice data.  

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