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While folks on the Gulf Coast prepare for Hurricane Michael, zlien founder remembers how Katrina taught us  the value of having documents in the cloud

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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10/10/18 10:28 AM


zlien was founded in the heart of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Our CEO and Founder, Scott Wolfe Jr., was a young attorney serving clients in Louisiana trying to help rebuild after the storm.  He knew there had to be a better way to empower people to get what they earn.  Two of Scott's initial goals when starting zlien were to keep critical documents for our customers stored safely in the cloud (safe from any storm!) and deliver easy-to-access lien and notice resources for anyone in construction in any state.   He was able to achieve both goals.  

While folks on the Gulf Coast prepare for Hurricane Michael set to hit landfall this week, know that zlien has your back.  We remember how Katrina impacted many of our founding team members and the value of having your documents stored safely in the cloud.  


Your documents & Hurricane Michael

We understand the importance of your business even when a storm is approaching.  You have to get everything in order in your office, other locations and homes in addition to making sure your employees and their families are safe.  It's a lot to cover in a few days, and then it turns into a waiting game - I've been there.  You'll hustle in the days or even hours leading up to the storm and then wait for it to hit and check out the damage.  

While you work to keep your business and home safe and hurricane ready, zlien has your back, and your documents are safely stored in the cloud.  Additionally, we have our own hurricane plan in place should a storm head our way.  In the event a hurricane makes its way to New Orleans, we have a hurricane plan and team in place to research and help you send your documents while still delivering 5-Star Customer Service.  

Get hurricane ready by visiting the Department of Homeland Security's official website for Hurricane Readiness and helping you stay informed.  They have tips and recommendations for evacuation, home and business preparations and general safety tips.  

Download the Disaster Recovery Cheat Sheet

If you're doing business & Exchanging Documents in impacted areas 

You may be located in the storm's path, or perhaps you're already doing business in those areas and need to exchange documents.  Maybe you're planning to jump in after the storm to help communities and businesses rebuild.  Either way, it's important to be prepared and plan ahead.  

The U.S. Postal Service and government bodies responsible for receiving and recording documents, such as mechanics lien claims and notices of commencement, typically have disruptions surrounding natural disasters like hurricanes.  Anticipate that this may impact you and your document deadlines.  Additionally, you can exchange documents over email through zlien - this way you don't have to stress about mail delivery and tracking documents! 

If you're traveling to affected areas in the wake of a storm to rebuild, do your research beforehand to make sure you have the proper licensing and documentation to get the job done right - and get paid.  

If you're unsure how this impacts you, you can ask questions for free on the Construction Legal Center.  Stay informed and empowered to get what you earn even during a natural disaster. 

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