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When is the Best Time to Rush Your Filing & Why

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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5/7/14 4:39 PM


For folks utilizing our platform to file documents, you are familiar with Step 6 in the filing process where you have the option to rush your order or utilize standard processing.  Frequently, we are asked "What do you think I should do?"  Technically, the answer is all up to you, but here are some tips to help you make a decision that works best for you. 

To Rush or Not To Rush?

Generally speaking, there is a $95 rush fee applied to any orders that are expedited.  For folks utilizing a subscription plan or if you are an Enterprise client, the rush fee will only apply to claims and satisfactions (such as liens, bond claims and lien releases).  Therefore, it is an easy deciding factor in whether or not you would like to pay the extra fee to rush your order.

What does the rush mean?

For notices, the order takes priority with our Fulfillment queue and receives immediate attention.  Once everything has been confirmed (including should we need to reach out to you) your documents are sent through our mail outsourcing partner for rush processing.  This does NOT mean that your notice is mailed via overnight delivery (such as FedEx Overnight).  Rather, it is sent pursuant to the states' lien and notice requirements - which is generally certified mail or certified mail return receipt.  Delivery requirements can be found on our Resources By State page.

For liens and other documents needing to be recorded with a county clerk, once everything has been confirmed (including should we need to reach out to you), our Fulfillment team will either:

  1. Put on white gloves*
  2. Submit for electronic filing (if the county permits)
  3. Send via FedEx Overnight directly to the clerk for recording (if not backlogged)
  4. Send via FedEx Overnight directly to a courier to walk in your documents for filing (if backlogged)

*Pending approval from HR

If you were to opt out of the rush service, then your order will be in line for standard processing to be sent within 2 to 5 business days.  For filings that must go to a county recorder and do not offer e-filing, they are shipped via FedEx Ground.

How Close to a Deadline is Too Close?

As you know, all of these filings are dictated by deadlines, which is why we offer a rush service for folks coming up on a pending deadline.  For recording documents, we rely heavily on the efficiency of third parties such as FedEx and county recorders; therefore, you always want to give yourself enough time to have your documents processed through these third parties.  For example, winter 2014 was quite severe, and there were frequent FedEx delays, road closures and closed recorders in the affected areas. 

It's always best to give yourself enough time so that you are not pushing up against a deadline, but if things are getting tight, try not to go below 10 days.  Have liens been recorded in 24hrs?  Yes (we've even seen liens recorded in 4 minutes), but a safe and best practice is to keep it within 10 days.  If your deadline is due in less than 10 days, you should consider rushing your order.

Our Fulfillment Team does keep an active log of the filing procedures and average turn-around time for clerks and recorders, so if you are still unsure, you can reach out to us for an update. 

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