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New to zlien? Here's What to Do When You Receive an Electronic Document Sent via zlien

Posted by Olivia Huppman

12/8/17 8:53 AM

New to zlienThousands of contractors use zlien to manage the paperwork surrounding payments and lien rights on construction projects, so there’s a good chance you’ve received - or will receive - a notice, waiver, or other document sent by a company using zlien.

Many zlien users send documents electronically to speed up exchanges and to simplify the transfer of important project information. Here’s what to do when you receive a notice or waiver sent electronically via zlien so you can easily access the document, save it to your records, and take next steps.

1. Access the Document

When a zliener sends a document electronically, you will get an email with a link to a page to view the document online. Open the email and click the green button to access your document. 

Recipient Email


2. Collaborate 

Here you can view the document and collaborate with other parties. Click the people icon to see who else is collaborating on this document, and use the arrow icon to share it with other parties. You can share the document with people at other companies (for example, the general contractor), or you can share it internally with other people at your company (for example, the project manager).

You can also take next actions, like communicating with other parties and signing waivers. You can send messages that will be visible to all document collaborators. Use the message portal to clear up incorrect or missing information, or to ask questions about the document. If the sender requires additional action, like signing a waiver, you’ll be able to take that action here. 

The next step is to save the document for future access by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of your screen. 

Recipient Landing Page.png


3. Save the Document

The “Save” button brings you to a screen where you create a login so you will be able to return to your saved documents later on, for free. When you complete your login, you will see your Document Inbox.

View new documents you receive via zlien here and save them for quick and easy future access. You can also login to review the project information contained in received documents and to create & send your own waivers, notices, and more using the create button on the left.



Ready to access your documents? 


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