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What Information Do You Need to File a Document through zlien?

Posted by Ted Rectanus

9/12/17 11:16 AM

When it comes to filing documents through zlien to secure or enforce one’s lien rights, many contractors are faced with a dilemma: what job information will I need in order to file a document? Nothing is worse than starting the process to get paid faster just to find out you don’t have the required information handy.

In this article, we'll help you narrow down the most important and necessary information you need to file a document through zlien. 

Get your check list ready!

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to gather the following checklist of information to ensure your document is filed within compliance and without any hiccups:

  • The project physical address where work is being performed or materials are delivered
  • Your company’s role on the project (i.e. subcontractor, sub-subcontractor, material supplier, equipment lessor, etc.)
  • Your hiring party’s role on the project and their mailing information (HINT: the hiring party’s role could be an indicator as to what your company’s role is)
  • The type of project (i.e. commercial, residential, state, federal, etc.)
  • Brief description of labor and/or materials your company is supplying to a job (i.e. “labor and materials associated with concrete cutting, pipe laying, trench digging, etc.”)
  • Property owner’s company and mailing information
  • General contractor's company and mailing information
  • Lender information (if there is a construction lender on the job)

Why is this information important?

In order for you to secure lien rights and file the proper documents, the state requires certain details about the project and the parties involved. However, it is also a good idea to think about it in terms of transparency rather than just obscure law requirements. For example, if you were trying to speed up payment for work your company is doing, wouldn’t it make more sense to notify everyone up the ladder that your company is involved and expects to be paid? Just like the source of a river isn’t in always directly in eyesight, the money doesn’t always come from the party directly above you on a construction project.

See the job information gathering template to improve your current process for gathering info on the front end.

still don't have this information?

Don’t worry about it! zlien has an in-house team of researchers who can look into the project details and attempt to fill in gaps in data using third-party sources. zlien is dedicated to providing all the possible tools to help you get paid quickly and fairly for the hard work your company does!

Explain your notice & lien process to your company & customers

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