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zlien waivers upgraded to speed up payments and relieve stress!

Posted by Gordon Bowman

8/2/18 10:39 PM

Managing waivers has gotten much better over the past years as we worked with our customers to take the process online. No more having to print, scan, or fax waivers - or make numerous phone calls chasing down signatures. No more dealing with missing and wrong information, or spreadsheets - all of which ultimately lead to more frustration and wasted time.

We are always listening to your feedback and improving our product to help you do your job without the stress. We made some big upgrades to waivers today to help you:

  • Generate waivers to match your process with greater flexibility
    • Attach invoices and other supporting documents to waivers sent out
    • New and easy process to select the waiver type and enter key data to get started
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to get paperwork done right
    • Fill in the details you know, and leave the rest blank for the recipient to fill in
    • Lock specific fields that you don’t want the recipient to change
    • Talk out the details using in-app messages for quick resolution of issues
  • Have better organization and visibility into the status of your waivers
    • Get a quick snapshot of your waivers, including payment amount, dates and status
    • Access your waivers in the same folder as other payment documents

During the process of implementing these big upgrades, you will temporarily be unable to:

  • Manually mark waivers as "Sent", "Completed", or "Cancelled"
  • Save a draft of an incomplete waiver and return to it later
  • See the amounts and through-dates of the waivers from the list view

Don’t worry! All of these will be added back in the near future.

Here’s a peek into some exciting waiver enhancements coming in the next few months:

  • A ledger for waivers will give GCs, Subcontractors, and Suppliers the ability to track the waivers that have been sent and received, and the ones that are still needed
  • Smart waivers will give GCs and Subcontractors a tool to automatically request and collect vendor waivers on every job

Here are a few helpful tutorials to get you going with waivers:

  1. How to generate a signed waiver
  2. How to customize a waiver template
  3. How to request lien waivers
  4. How to collect signed lien waivers
  5. How to check the status of lien waivers
As always, if you have any questions or need a little extra help navigating the new experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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