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How to Resolve Research Alerts by Uploading Exhibits

Posted by Erin Classen

5/17/18 10:00 AM



If you receive research on your zlien documents, you may have seen JobSight Alerts asking if you have exhibits to include as attachments. This post will cover how to resolve these particular types of alerts, as well as some best practices to keep in mind to ensure the process is as easy as possible.


Generally, an alert asking you to upload an exhibit is applicable to a filed document, such as a mechanics lien. In most cases, these alerts are asking if you have attachments you’d like to include with the lien claim, such as a contract or a current invoice. These attachments are not typically required to be included with a claim, but they can help strengthen it if you have them!


If an order for a filed document, like a lien or lien release, has an alert pending for longer than one day, we’ll reach out to make sure you’re aware of the alert and to see if we can help walk you through resolving it. Sometimes we’ll call about pending alerts on non-filed documents as well!

To access any pending alert on an order, simply log in to your zlien account and click on the bell icon on the top right-hand side of the page. If you have any alerts, you will see the message “You have XX documents that need your attention.” Click on this, and you’ll be brought to a list of all of your document alerts and suggestions!

From this main list, hover over an alert and then click the green “View” button that appears on the right. From this page, you will see the section called “Information needed on your document.” If you’d like to upload a file to resolve the alert, simply click “Add to Document” to attach a file.


PDF format always works best when you’re uploading a file to resolve an alert. We recommend staying away from uploading images, Word documents, or Excel sheets.

Keep in mind, too, that most county recorders will not accept images taken from cell phones. That means that if you’re uploading a copy of a signed contract, for example, you should scan it and send a copy of the scanned PDF. While snapping a photo of the document is quick, this shortcut can cause more headaches later on.


If an alert is asking you to upload a file, note that you will only be able to upload one file per alert. For example, if the alert is asking for a copy of a current invoice, and you have two invoices in two separate files, these will first need to be combined into one PDF. That single document can then be uploaded to resolve the alert. Otherwise, the alert will be resolved after you upload the first file, and it will not accept another upload.


If your file is on the larger side, it’s possible that the system won’t be able upload it through your account. If this happens, you can always email the file to us at mail@zlien.com and list your order number in the subject line. We can upload it on our end and confirm with you once it’s been done.


If an alert asking for exhibits expires, you usually will then no longer be able to see it in your account. If this ever happens before you’re able to resolve the alert, you can still email your attachments to our team at mail@zlien.com. As long as your order hasn’t yet been sent, we can upload the exhibits for you.

Please note that it’s always best to email us directly if you’re providing documents related to expired alerts. If you instead upload an attachment directly to the project, we won’t be notified that it’s been added, and the document may not be included with your claim.


Most county recorders charge filing fees per page when they record documents. When you place an order through zlien, your order price covers up to twenty pages of exhibits. If the exhibits you submit ever exceed this number of pages, our team will reach out to you and confirm if you like to include all pages for an additional charge, or if you’d like to revise the exhibits to include only twenty pages.

If you ever have questions about your alerts, contact our support team! You can reach us by live chat through your account, by phone at 866-720-5436, or by email at mail@zlien.com. We're here to help!

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