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Update: More Queue sort & filter options for the new zlien

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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7/18/17 10:13 AM


This week, our Product Team released more Queue sort and filter options for the new zlien when filing documents through the Action Center!  This is especially useful for folks needing more information on what's being canceled either by a user or by the system because no action was taken. Awesome tool for managers looking for a temperature check on what your team is working on, and you can export a .csv file for your records! 

Watch our webinar to learn about updates and improvements to the zlien platform.

What's new?

New Column Headers
Update your columns to included "Canceled By" and your "Cancellation Reason."  This is valuable to see if you are missing items because they are expiring, which users are active and up-to-date in their Queue and collect data on why documents are not being filed.  For example, if you frequently choose not to file documents because of "Customer Relationship Decisions" or because "Payment is Promised," yet you still do not get paid, this data helps your team make smarter and strategic decisions. 


New Sort & Filter Options
Now that you've added new columns, you can also sort and filter by these reasons to help you view the data quickly and easily. 


New Export Directly from Your Queue
This is great if you are a manager or if you manage a task in zlien to file documents.  Just like many of the other tabs in the new zlien, you can now export Queue items.  We recommend saving your typical exports as Saved Filters.  


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