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Trending zlien webinars from 2017

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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12/28/17 2:50 PM


Every week, we host zlien webinars exclusively for you!  Generally, we're covering topics like lien law, construction credit and risk, best practices, zlien announcements and product releases.  Even if you can't make one of our weekly sessions, you're encouraged to register.  We will send the recording to you either way, and you can watch on your own time or even share with a coworker.  In this post, we'll uncover the top 5 trending zlien webinars from 2017 and where to access their recordings!

zlien Webinar Library 

Explore our entire library of zlien webinars. Find your favorite topics, re-watch a session and stay in tune with our tips and tricks.  If there's a topic you don't see and want us to cover, that's ok too! We build our webinar schedule around you and your needs. Send your suggestions over to gretchen@zlien.com, and we'll work to incorporate it into next month's agenda. 

1: Office managers guide to lien waivers

As an office manager for a construction industry company, you have a lot on your plate. In fact, probably too much. So, when you’re supposed to handle lien waivers, it’s just one more thing to add to the pile, and something you likely don’t have the time to deeply examine. In this webinar, we'll cover all the tips and tricks you need as an office manager or admin (or anyone who wears many hats) to master lien waivers for your business. 


2: Why it takes so long to get paid in construction and how to get paid faster

Did you know it takes longer to get paid in the construction business than it does in just about any other industry? The complex nature of construction payment and the associated rules and regulations have made it difficult to streamline payment. By watching this webinar, we'll uncover why it's so difficult to get paid in construction and what steps your business should be taking to speed up and secure your payment.


3: Explore common language for lien waivers & what is means for you

Lien waivers are crucial to your business, but they can also be very tricky. Nobody wants to sign the wrong waiver and give up more than they planned! By viewing this webinar, we'll help you understand: 1) Common lien waiver language 2) What the common language means to you (and what rights you're waiving) 3) Language you should beware of 4) And more!


4: Get paid faster: What to do after you file a lien

At zlien, we get this question a lot, "I just filed a lien - now what?!" Filing a lien is a great collections tool to get paid, and in this webinar we'll help you understand all the steps to take after it's filed to make sure you get the money you've earned! By watching this webinar, you'll learn: 1) The 5 steps to take after filing a lien 2) What steps are covered for you when filing through zlien 3) What options do you have in zlien to make sure you get payment


5: How to explain your lien and notice policy to your company and customers

Has your company just started using lien & notice management to get paid, or perhaps you've been doing this for years? Whether you are new to the process or not, many folks just like you struggle communicating the importance of these documents, why you send them and/or how to send them. Watch this webinar to master your communication and have a successful lien and notice policy 



Topics: Best Practices