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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Excited to learn more about zlien's new look?

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

6/15/18 9:12 AM

Questions about zlien's new look?

We're here to help!

The new look of zlien is designed with you in mind, and we want ensure that you have all the information you need to succeed with the new platform.

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Top zlien product releases of 2017

Posted by Desiree Baez

12/26/17 1:00 PM

A lot has changed at zlien over the past twelve months. Our subscription base continues to grow and we are thrilled to be the industry’s leading lien rights solution service provider.  But we couldn’t have done it without your input and support.  We opened the floor to your ideas and feedback, and with your needs in mind we released some amazing product features that will increase transparency between all hired roles and improve the way you exchange documents, monitor jobs and place orders.    

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How to manage your team using zlien

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

10/5/17 4:29 PM

Over the years, the zlien community has grown significantly. As we head into the fourth quarter of 2017, our customer base is continuing to grow with construction companies spread across all 50 states.

Some of those customers are smaller shops with just one person in the office using the zlien platform. But others are medium to large businesses with many different team members and stakeholders that are using the platform. Some of these larger customers also have multiple locations, and may do business on regional or even a national basis.

(As a side note: Since many of our active customers have multiple users on the zlien platform, we actually have many thousands of users logging in to the zlien every day.)

We wanted to take a minute to give some advice to the members of our community that have multiple users or stakeholders actively using their zlien account. As we get to know each of you, we often learn about helpful “tips and tricks” some of our customers use to get the most out of their zlien subscription. And the User Success team is always looking to pass along best practices - really, any information that will help you leverage the zlien platform to do your job better, faster, and easier.

With that being said, here’s some advice that we’d like to share with you:

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