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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Webinar Update – zlien User Webinar Library

Posted by Victoria Jennings

5/31/17 2:21 PM

Whether you just signed up with zlien or are an existing user, our new Webinar Library has great information to make sure you get the most out of your experience with zlien! In this post, we will review where to access our library of on-demand, exclusive webinars for zlien users covering our best practices, tips & tricks, and new features!

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Integrate Email with zlien's Waiver Inbox

Posted by Olivia Huppman

12/29/16 11:52 AM

Keep track of waivers easier than ever before with zlien's waiver exchange and email forwarding. Check out the video below to get a walk through!
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5 Hidden Ways to be a Pro with zlien

Posted by Olivia Huppman

12/29/16 11:10 AM

Want to get the absolute most out of zlien's service? We want you to as well.

In this video, we cover five  zlien hacks to take advantage of:
  1. Ability to analyze data
  2. Contact Information on Projects
  3. Unlimited compliant lien waiver forms
  4. Keep a constant record on all documents filed
  5. Integrate with Quickbooks Online to upload project information
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Managing Texas Monthly Notices with zlien

Posted by Olivia Huppman

10/7/16 10:54 AM

Texas Monthly Notice policies are confusing, but zlien makes it easy! Learn the ins and outs of sending Texas monthly notices in zlien, including how to pull notices from the mail batch up until deadline day (an exclusive perk available only in the Texas Mail Pull feature). Even if you're not currently using the zlien Texas Mail Pull feature, if you have projects in Texas feel free to join and learn more about how it works!

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Sales Tax and Security Rights [Free Webinar from Avalara and zlien]

Posted by Danny Garfield

9/24/15 11:46 AM

How up-to-date are you on construction sales tax rules?

Thanks to zlien, you may have your security rights under control. But how much do you know about construction sales tax and compliance? Our goal at zlien is to help you attain fair payment for you work, by any means (not only mechanics lien compliance). In that spirit, zlien’s CEO Scott Wolfe will be co-presenting a webinar hosted by sales tax experts Avalara to help you freshen up your construction sales tax practices.

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