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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

What’s new and exciting with zlien? Digital Jobsheets, Cancelling Orders, and More!

Posted by Gordon Bowman

7/11/18 11:28 AM

We're adding some much-requested features to zlien to improve your workflow and make it easier for you to efficiently accomplish your day-to-day. Keep reading to see what's new!

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Quick Tip: How to Export a List of your Documents or Projects

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

4/9/18 12:53 PM

Here at zlien, we understand there are times when you need to export information from your account. Whether that’s to make a pivot table in Excel or to print off a physical list, this article will walk you through how to download a spreadsheet of your data.

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Quick Tip: How to Customize your zlien Page Views

Posted by Desiree Baez

3/29/18 11:11 AM

Since so many different types of companies use zlien, there are many ways that you can customize your zlien account. One of the most popular customizations is adjusting the column headers on the different page views.

This personalization allows you to easily see the information that’s most relevant to you while also makes it very simple to sort this information.

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How to build and exchange custom lien waiver forms through zlien

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

2/21/18 9:30 AM

zlien enables anyone to sign and request lien waivers on projects. If you're working in one of the 12 states with statutory lien waiver formszlien will automatically suggest that state's statutory form for you. In other states, zlien offers a simple, standard template or the ability to build and exchange your own custom waivers using our Template Builder!

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Achieve success with zlien's new training options

Posted by Ted Rectanus

1/22/18 10:00 AM

At zlien, we do our best to provide customers with all the tools they need to hit the ground running when it comes to adopting zlien. W are pleased to announce the launch of our new zlien training page, where you will be able to find helpful resources and sign up for our new and popular group training sessions!

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How to train a new employee on lien law and zlien

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

10/20/17 1:21 PM

We know that when you hire a new employee, there's always a long list of to-do items to get them up to speed. That's why we make training new employees on zlien and lien rights quick and easy with our extensive online resources and live training offerings.

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How to Optimize your zlien Account Set Up

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

8/24/17 4:51 PM

Users that want to get the most out of zlien will use the platform to  delegate tasks, manage projects, and build better reporting for lien rights and credit management.

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How to Roll Out Your Lien and Notice Policy to Your Coworkers

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

7/24/17 1:43 PM

So you're ready to kick off your notice policy and start being proactive about protecting your lien rights! Congratulations - this is something to celebrate, and we're here to help you do it.

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Webinar – All About Jobsight Research Notifications

Posted by Olivia Huppman

1/11/17 12:11 PM

 Jobsight research notificiations are one of the most useful and underused features of zlien's platform. In this video, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of how to create and leverage Jobsight notifications and preferences to work best for your company. Check out the video below!

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How to add a new project to your account

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

10/4/16 5:04 PM


This page is now out of date. Check out this update on how to create new projects using zlien's platform.


For many zlien users, adding a project will be the first step you take when logging into your zlien account.  This post explores the steps to successfully add a project in your dashboard.

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