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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

3 Proactive Tactics to Get You Paid

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

3/16/18 4:30 PM

Would you prefer a life vest to help prevent you from drowning or a lifebuoy after you're already in rough waters? Let's hope no one is drowning (or drowning in work), but it is important to consider your strategy for preventing tough situations.  These 3 tips will help your company take a proactive approach to getting paid quickly so you can stay afloat.

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Topics: Best Practices, communicate, customer relationship, preliminary notices

Is zlien Data Entry Right for You?

Posted by Patrick Ryan

2/7/18 12:40 PM


At zlien, we encourage securing your payments on every job , as being protected on every job is better than being protected only on a portion of them. One way to make adopting this policy easier is by decreasing the time it takes to get projects into zlien. As such, Data Entry is one solution to that accomplishes this.  

In this article, we'll help you determine: Is zlien data entry right for you?

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Topics: client success, jobsight, preliminary notices

3 Bad Habits to do Away With In 2018

Posted by Patrick Ryan

12/19/17 10:22 AM


Beginning the new year comes with its own challenges, and construction is certainly no exception. At zlien we're here to make your new year as seamless as possible. Here are 3 bad habits to do away with in 2018.

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Topics: Best Practices, waivers, preliminary notices

Top 5 zlien Resources to Read & Share with your Team

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

11/30/17 7:57 AM

When it comes to educating yourself and your team, there are so many places on zlien.com to find information.  We have thousands of pages of content. That’s helpful when you’re looking for something specific because chances are we have you covered, but how do you know where to start? That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 resources for you and your team.

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Topics: Best Practices, customer relationship, preliminary notices

Office Manager’s Guide to filing notices in zlien

Posted by Desiree Baez

11/28/17 11:30 AM

Running a construction business takes a lot of work. And more often than not, the office manager has to tackle a lot of things day-to-day to keep the business afloat. But when it comes to protecting your jobs, it's crucial to understand how important notices are to the validity of your lien law rights. zlien understands that lien law is complex and your time is limited, so to better assist you, we’ve got some quick tips to help you understand what a notice is and how you can file them quickly and efficiently using zlien technology.  

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Topics: Best Practices, communicate, preliminary notices

Best practices for securing lien rights as a material supplier or equipment lessor

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

9/25/17 4:36 PM

Material and equipment suppliers on construction projects face unique challenges in preserving and enforcing lien rights, as construction lawyer and zlien CEO Scott Wolfe highlighted recently on our blog: Top 4 Mechanics Lien Law Challenges for Material Suppliers and Materialmen

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Topics: Best Practices, preliminary notices

What zlien's most successful customers are NOT doing: Don't let this be you!

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

9/25/17 12:25 PM

If you've been a zlien customer for a while, then you've likely heard me or your account manager tell you that it's our job to help you get the most value out of zlien, be more successful at your job and have the absolute best experience.  We've seen numerous success stories come through the door, and it's really exciting when a customer reaches that WOW moment of success.  On the flip side, we see a handful of folks who are almost fighting success.  Bad habits can prevent you from seeing the true value of your zlien account.  

In this article, we'll cover what zlien's most successful customers are NOT doing and how you can avoid these bad habits.  Don't let this be you - let's get you on track to be the next zlien success story!

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Topics: client success, Best Practices, jobsight, preliminary notices

Send Those Prelims. Contractors Understand.

Posted by Ted Rectanus

9/12/17 11:59 AM

Taking steps to protect one's interests is status quo in the business world. Who hasn’t protected a big financial purchase with a warranty? Who hasn’t had some sort of insurance measure in place in case of emergency? The same mindset is held among most general contractors and property owners when they receive preliminary notices from their subs and supplies when they begin a project.  

Trust me, if you send those prelims, contractors will understand.  In this article, we'll help you understand why!

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Topics: Best Practices, preliminary notices