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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Create Efficiencies Between Your Back-Office Tools with zlien Integrations

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

8/21/18 9:00 AM

Chances are, zlien is one of a dozen or more tools you use in your job. Your project information may live in three different systems; your financials may live in another place entirely. We know this, and that's why we've rolled out easy-to-use integrations with other leading construction and accounting systems to help you work smarter, not harder, in your day-to-day workflows.

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Topics: Product Releases, Best Practices, partnerships

Want to integrate zlien with your other systems? We do too! 3 ways you can help

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

1/19/18 7:00 AM

As the Training and Onboarding Manager here, I spend every day helping new customers implement zlien. At the beginning I like to ask new customers, "What system are you using to track job and invoice information?"

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3 Strategies for Explaining Your Lien & Notice Policy to Your Customers

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

7/25/17 11:17 AM

Protecting your lien rights doesn't have to put a strain on your customer relationships. The reality is that notices are sent primarily for the benefit of your customer and parties up the chain. If you can communicate your policy well, your customer relationships will grow stronger as a result. Follow these three tips for explaining your policy to customers to ensure mutual understanding and positive relationships.

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Topics: Best Practices, partnerships, communicate, customer relationship

zlien Featured by Weekdone

Posted by Olivia Huppman

3/21/16 11:32 AM

This feature was written by Ott Jõgi and was originally published on the Weekdone blog

I am proud to present one of the Superheroes in the Weekdone community. Meet Scott Wolfe Jr. – CEO of zlien. Scott is the founder of zlien, which makes preliminary notices, lien waivers and mechanics lien compliance easy for businesses in the construction industry.

They help businesses eliminate the administrative headaches and legal guesswork associated with financial risk and mechanical compliance.

Within a year they have doubled in size from 20 to 40 employees and continue to progressively move forward. They needed a good management method and tool to be successful. We are going to take a closer look on how zlien found it and how it benefits their team.

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