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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

zlien waivers upgraded to speed up payments and relieve stress!

Posted by Gordon Bowman

8/2/18 10:39 PM

Managing waivers has gotten much better over the past years as we worked with our customers to take the process online. No more having to print, scan, or fax waivers - or make numerous phone calls chasing down signatures. No more dealing with missing and wrong information, or spreadsheets - all of which ultimately lead to more frustration and wasted time.

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What’s new and exciting with zlien? Digital Jobsheets, Cancelling Orders, and More!

Posted by Gordon Bowman

7/11/18 11:28 AM

We're adding some much-requested features to zlien to improve your workflow and make it easier for you to efficiently accomplish your day-to-day. Keep reading to see what's new!

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Excited to learn more about zlien's new look?

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

6/15/18 9:12 AM

Questions about zlien's new look?

We're here to help!

The new look of zlien is designed with you in mind, and we want ensure that you have all the information you need to succeed with the new platform.

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Quick Tip: How to Export a List of your Documents or Projects

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

4/9/18 12:53 PM

Here at zlien, we understand there are times when you need to export information from your account. Whether that’s to make a pivot table in Excel or to print off a physical list, this article will walk you through how to download a spreadsheet of your data.

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Quick Tip: How to Customize your zlien Page Views

Posted by Desiree Baez

3/29/18 11:11 AM

Since so many different types of companies use zlien, there are many ways that you can customize your zlien account. One of the most popular customizations is adjusting the column headers on the different page views.

This personalization allows you to easily see the information that’s most relevant to you while also makes it very simple to sort this information.

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15 Minutes to Spring Clean your zlien Account

Posted by Sean Landry

3/20/18 4:36 PM

When the days get longer and the air gets warmer, it's time to throw open windows and do some spring cleaning.  You may already be planning a closet or garage purge, but don't forget about staying organized at the office.  Spring cleaning at the office can have the same great benefits such as improving your mood and saving you time. 

Here's how you can take 15 minutes today to clean up your zlien account to set your spring up for success.

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Top 3 underutilized zlien features that can increase your efficiency

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

2/14/18 10:18 AM

At zlien, we're constantly adding new features to help you save time and money.  This post covers three of zlien's most underutilized features than can help you and your team increase your efficiency.

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Schedule Your Walk Through of the zlien Document Inbox

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

2/5/18 9:30 AM


zlien makes complex things simple. There is a transparency issue in the construction industry, and our Document Inbox is the solution. Take 20 minutes out of your day in the next few weeks to do a walk through of the Document Inbox and see how it can help improve collaboration and customer relationships from the start. 

If you are managing the exchange of waivers and other documents on your jobs, then the Document Inbox is for you. We have simplified the process for you so you can spend your time working on all of the other things you need to do on a daily basis. A one-on-one walk through with one of our experts can help you learn how to use the Document Inbox specifically for your business needs and processes. 



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Top zlien product releases of 2017

Posted by Desiree Baez

12/26/17 1:00 PM

A lot has changed at zlien over the past twelve months. Our subscription base continues to grow and we are thrilled to be the industry’s leading lien rights solution service provider.  But we couldn’t have done it without your input and support.  We opened the floor to your ideas and feedback, and with your needs in mind we released some amazing product features that will increase transparency between all hired roles and improve the way you exchange documents, monitor jobs and place orders.    

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How to Retract Your Notice in the New zlien

Posted by Nate Emmerson

9/27/17 10:00 AM

You may be familiar with order retraction letters, which you can send when you want to inform someone they should disregard a previously-received notice (for example, parties who were sent a notice in error, or if you received payment after sending a notice of intent to lien). We are happy to announce that this feature is now available in the new version of zlien as well! Read more for step by step instructions on sending a retraction letter through the new zlien interface.

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