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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

How to Get Value out of your JobSight Insight Report

Posted by Jason Bull

9/26/17 12:28 PM

zlien’s JobSight InSight Report can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your subscription.  Whether you are new to zlienor if you've been a customer for years, there is a lot of value to uncover in our newly released JobSight Insight reporting. 

If your account includes JobSight Research, zlien’s JobSight Team verifies the project information on your documents. This verification involves checking the provided project data against nationwide property and project databases, public records, and zlien’s internal database of more than 1,000,000 construction projects.  If your account currently does not include research, ask us about getting this added to your documents and projects.  You can reach out to your zlien account manager or email us at mail@zlien.com

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What zlien's most successful customers are NOT doing: Don't let this be you!

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

9/25/17 12:25 PM

If you've been a zlien customer for a while, then you've likely heard me or your account manager tell you that it's our job to help you get the most value out of zlien, be more successful at your job and have the absolute best experience.  We've seen numerous success stories come through the door, and it's really exciting when a customer reaches that WOW moment of success.  On the flip side, we see a handful of folks who are almost fighting success.  Bad habits can prevent you from seeing the true value of your zlien account.  

In this article, we'll cover what zlien's most successful customers are NOT doing and how you can avoid these bad habits.  Don't let this be you - let's get you on track to be the next zlien success story!

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What Information Do You Need to File a Document through zlien?

Posted by Ted Rectanus

9/12/17 11:16 AM

When it comes to filing documents through zlien to secure or enforce one’s lien rights, many contractors are faced with a dilemma: what job information will I need in order to file a document? Nothing is worse than starting the process to get paid faster just to find out you don’t have the required information handy.

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JobSight 'Early' Research- Documents vs Projects

Posted by Amy Steinkampf

9/8/17 4:52 PM

If your zlien subscription includes JobSight Research, you already know how it works and how valuable this is for you and your business. When you order a document such as a preliminary notice or lien claim, the JobSight team takes the information you give us then confirms what you already have, adds additional data, and lets you know about anything that is missing based on the research preferencs you set in your account. You get to decide when you want to review our research, use your own, or let us make updates for you according to your JobSight Preferences.

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3 Ways to Get More Value from Your JobSight Research

Posted by Max Segal

9/8/17 12:35 PM

Part human and part machine, zlien’s JobSight research team is the living machine chomping at the bit to seek out the hard-to-find project information you need to send correct and complete documents on your jobs.  In addition to industry knowledge, the folks on the JobSight team have access to numerous construction databases plus zlien’s own Universal Data Graph, which has information and for hundreds of thousands of active construction projects.  

Our researchers are armed with the tools and skills necessary to complete your project information and help you send flawless documents, but there are a few things you can do as a zliener to get more vlaue from your JobSight Research.  In this post, we will cover the top 3 ways to achieve this success! 

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