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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Set Up for Success: Your First Week with zlien

Posted by Ted Rectanus

9/7/18 9:56 AM

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first steps toward getting what you earn by  implementing a more fair and transparent construction payment process with
zlien . You may be thinking to yourself: “OK, great... now what?” The goal of this post is to outline a strategy to set yourself up for a successful partnership with zlien from your very first week.
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Increase Productivity with 5 (Free) zlien Features

Posted by Jessica Fortino

8/29/18 5:37 PM


Wouldn’t you love more free time in your day? Imagine if you could finally take a full lunch break or go home early and relax. Try out these 5 (free) zlien features to see how much time you can save.

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Create Efficiencies Between Your Back-Office Tools with zlien Integrations

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

8/21/18 9:00 AM

Chances are, zlien is one of a dozen or more tools you use in your job. Your project information may live in three different systems; your financials may live in another place entirely. We know this, and that's why we've rolled out easy-to-use integrations with other leading construction and accounting systems to help you work smarter, not harder, in your day-to-day workflows.

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How to Resolve Research Alerts by Uploading Exhibits

Posted by Erin Classen

5/17/18 10:00 AM


If you receive research on your zlien documents, you may have seen JobSight Alerts asking if you have exhibits to include as attachments. This post will cover how to resolve these particular types of alerts, as well as some best practices to keep in mind to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

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Mechanics Liens: Will zlien Sign My Lien Claim for Me?

Posted by Devin Anderson

5/15/18 11:00 AM

zlien is compliant with every state’s lien and notice requirements, and, in most cases, we are capable of notarizing your document (if necessary) and signing it on your behalf as an authorized agent.

When you order a document through zlien and agree to our Terms of Use, you agree that zlien is serving as your agent.  For the purposes of signing and filing your ordered document only, you appoint the company and its employees and agents as your agent and/or your company’s agent.

There are, however, a few states in which zlien cannot act as an authorized agent. In those states, the lien claim must be signed by the claimant themselves. In those states, zlien will send you paperwork to sign and notarize (if applicable), as well as all of the materials needed to send off to the associated government office for recording.

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How to Thrive When Your Boss is Never Around

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

4/12/18 8:57 AM

Your boss is out in the field or in meetings all day, everyday. When you do see her, she’s on the phone or busy with no time to talk. Your emails go unanswered and you never know when you’ll see her next. Sound familiar?

Some may think that a boss who is never around is a good thing, but that’s not always the case. An absentee boss means that they’re too busy to answer your questions, provide direction, and give approval, which can put you in a hard spot. Do you proceed and risk doing the wrong thing or do you wait until they are available (days or weeks later) and risk missing a deadline or delaying a project?  Playing this guessing game is neither fun nor efficient. Plus is means that you’re performance is at risk.

Although you can’t control your boss’ schedule, there are some steps you can take to prevent finding yourself in this bind (or at least have it happen less frequently).

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Topics: Best Practices, communicate, notice policy

Quick Tip: How to Export a List of your Documents or Projects

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

4/9/18 12:53 PM

Here at zlien, we understand there are times when you need to export information from your account. Whether that’s to make a pivot table in Excel or to print off a physical list, this article will walk you through how to download a spreadsheet of your data.

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Quick Tip: How to Customize your zlien Page Views

Posted by Desiree Baez

3/29/18 11:11 AM

Since so many different types of companies use zlien, there are many ways that you can customize your zlien account. One of the most popular customizations is adjusting the column headers on the different page views.

This personalization allows you to easily see the information that’s most relevant to you while also makes it very simple to sort this information.

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zlien Outbound Support: What It Is and Why You Get Calls

Posted by Erin Classen

3/28/18 10:00 AM


Our support team is always here to help if you have questions about zlien or mechanics lien resources in general. You probably know that you can contact us by phone, email, or live chat, but did you also know that we may sometimes proactively reach out to you about an order in your account?

To do as much as we can to help users resolve their JobSight alerts and get orders out as quickly as possible, we may give you a call! These calls are made as a courtesy by our outbound support team, which is made up of members of our support department.

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15 Minutes to Spring Clean your zlien Account

Posted by Sean Landry

3/20/18 4:36 PM

When the days get longer and the air gets warmer, it's time to throw open windows and do some spring cleaning.  You may already be planning a closet or garage purge, but don't forget about staying organized at the office.  Spring cleaning at the office can have the same great benefits such as improving your mood and saving you time. 

Here's how you can take 15 minutes today to clean up your zlien account to set your spring up for success.

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