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Top zlien product releases of 2017

Posted by Desiree Baez

12/26/17 1:00 PM


A lot has changed at zlien over the past twelve months. Our subscription base continues to grow and we are thrilled to be the industry’s leading lien rights solution service provider.  But we couldn’t have done it without your input and support.  We opened the floor to your ideas and feedback, and with your needs in mind we released some amazing product features that will increase transparency between all hired roles and improve the way you exchange documents, monitor jobs and place orders.    

As a year-end recap, here are our top product releases of 2017:

#1 - zlien's Dashboard

Earlier this year we released a redesign of the zlien dashboard.  The new dashboard makes it even easier to track your projects, prioritize next actions, add key dates you may be missing and get paid faster.  Perhaps the best feature of the new dashboard is that it provides, immediate and accurate up-to-date data regarding your projects. Subscribers will now know exactly what actions require immediate attention and you can now quickly determine if you have projects that have missing dates, the number of jobs that are first in line to get paid, upcoming deadlines in the next 14 days and protected average days to payment.  

If you needed more reasons to switch over to the new dashboard, consider that you will now be able to order a retraction letter, a feature which was not included in our classic dashboard.  Also, our new dashboard now has a JobSight integration tool and all project alerts and suggestions are located in one place.  Another cool feature is the collaboration tool for all documents - using this tool, you can now send and receive messages to other contacts on a job

So, if you haven’t explored the new zlien dashboard, please do!

#2 - The Document inbox 

What makes this feature so special? The Document Inbox was designed to enhance not just our users’ zlien experience but also that of the recipient. Sending and receiving documents has never  been easier now that we’ve introduced this feature.  Subscribers can streamline the exchange of documents by simply entering a party’s email address and clicking send!  You can assign documents to an existing project or to a new contact that was not already included in your zlien account, and you’ll save both time and postage costs

#3 - The Waiver Integration

Want to create a waiver with ease? Now you can! The Waiver Integration is up and running in the platform redesign. It is a fully integrated feature that allows you to easily create and generate waivers. The customizable templates are editable text giving you more control over your documents and subscribers can now preview a waiver and track its delivery status,which enables you to monitor when a waiver is received and signed.  

#4 - Designed Cover letters 

Often our subscribers tell us that they are hesitant to send notices to their customers.  To make this process easier for you, we have designed cover letters that you can include with your notices to your customers. These cover letters will educate your customers about the purpose of your notice. 

Explore these neat features by simply logging into your account!  



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