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Top 3 underutilized zlien features that can increase your efficiency

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

2/14/18 10:18 AM

At zlien, we're constantly adding new features to help you save time and money.  This post covers three of zlien's most underutilized features than can help you and your team increase your efficiency.


3. sending documents Electronically

Managing lien rights in construction can mean a lot of paperwork, especially when state lien laws often require documents are set by snail mail.  The whole process of exchanging paper documents is messy, expensive, difficult to track, and slow.

In modern times, people want speed and efficiency. That's why zlien now allows you to send all documents electronically in addition to mailing them.

Sending documents electrically makes sure they get to your recipients quickly and it helps them stay organized with electronic records.  Your recipients can even set up a free zlien account to store all of their documents in one place.  You can select delivery options on a per-recipient basis, so if you want a non-required recipient to receive a document, you can save on postage and just sent it electronically.

2. time-saving data Imports

There are several ways to get your project information into zlien.  If you or someone on your team is manually entering it, know there is a more efficient way. 

Spreadsheet Imports: If you have an ERP, database, or accounting software, that stores information about your jobs, we can import the information into zlien for you.  All we need is a CSV or excel file and we can import it for you on a daily or weekly basis. 

Data Entry: If you have project information in some other form (e.g. job sheets, invoices, payment applications) you can email or fax them to us and our skilled data entry team will add them for you. 

When it's this simple and quick, you can add all of your projects to zlien in no time and easily stay on-top of all of your deadlines. 

1. Document Inbox

Exchanging lien waivers happens constantly on construction projects.  Often, the are sent with every payment. (If not, learn why you should send a waiver with every invoice).  zlien's Document Inbox now makes lien waivers easier than ever.  You can use zlien's statute-compliant templates or create your own custom templates and request or sign waivers in seconds. 

Plus, you and the other recipients can stay organized by always being able to access the documents online.  Learn how simple it is with the quick, zlien University tutorials

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