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To rush or not to rush? That is the question

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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1/14/16 1:43 PM


Have you ever ordered a document, then checked out your deadlines and wish you had utilized the rush feature?  It's a zlien best practice to consider filing an order as a rush if the deadline is in 10 days or less due to uncontrolled third parties such as county recorders, USPS, FedEx, Federal holidays and weather.  Our processing time can control getting your document out the door, and by rushing an order, it takes priority and is sent within 24 business hours. 

For subscription users, the system now alerts you of this 10-day best practice, and the option to utilize rush or standard processing is still in your hands.  Therefore, you can still ask yourself, "To rush or not to rush?"  

Where can users find this feature?

If you're ordering a document for a deadline that is due in 10 days or less, the feature will find you!  The system will alert users with this text:
"Consider submitting this transaction for rush processing.  Rushed transactions get processed in 1 business day.  Both rush and standard processing times don't account for mailing and recording time."


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