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Tired of chasing people to sign your lien waivers? We've rolled out tools to help

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

10/3/18 11:14 AM

If you've ever been tasked with collecting signatures on lien waivers from your subs and suppliers, you know how time-consuming it can be. No one wants payment to be held up on a job because one person hasn't turned in their signed lien waiver yet. Here are some tips to reduce headaches around requesting and collecting lien waivers using zlien.

send your lien waiver requests through zlien to track everything in one place

Stop tracking waivers in Excel or email. zlien allows you to send and track waivers faster and in real time. 

Quickly generate lien waiver requests on any project, using any waiver template, with your project

information already filled in. Our requests get sent via email and come back as signed into your zlien Inbox. If you ever receive a signed waiver back outside of zlien, you can redirect it to zlien by emailing or uploading to the Inbox (tutorial).


provide step-by- step instructions

Are your subs new to exchanging lien waivers online? zlien has step-by-step instructions to walk them through the process: How to Provide Us With E-Signed Lien Waivers (instructions) or How to Provide Us with Notarized Lien Waivers (instructions).

see all outstanding waivers and pull reports

zlien's easy Document reporting allows you to see all your outstanding lien waiver requests across all your projects in one place. You can filter this list by project, sub, company branch, and more. You can even customize the page to see what's most important to you: the name of your sub, the waiver amount, the through date, or how long it's been since you first sent the request. If you need to download a report into Excel, you can use our on-page Export option to instantly create a custom  spreadsheet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.07.07 AM

use the comments section to follow-up and answer questions

Each lien waiver request has a Comments section where you and your recipient can collaborate back-and-forth on the document.  Any time you leave a comment, your sub will receive another email, bringing your lien waiver request back to the top of their email inbox. Both requestors and recipients use the Comments tool to provide clarification, request changes, or ask questions to reduce turn-around time.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.02.23 AM-1

USE THE "resend" option

If you think the original email got buried in your sub's email inbox, simply click "Resend" to send a second email and bring it back to their attention. You can even include a custom note.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.10.38 AM

send the waiver to multiple email addresses using the cc option or "add recipient" button

Sometimes, your sub will ask you to resend the waiver, this time to a different email address. With zlien it's as easy as using regular email. Simply use the Add Recipient option on the waiver tracking page to resend the same form to another person.

use e-signatures whenever you can

Only three states in the U.S. require notarization on lien waivers: Texas, Wyoming, and Mississippi. If you're not working in those three states, use e-signature whenever possible so your subs don't have to print your forms, get them notarized, and scan/send them back to you. Nothing holds up the waiver collection process like having to track down a notary!  Click here for more information on why e-signatures are valid on lien waivers.

Have you found success using any of these methods? Comment below and let us know!

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