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System Release: zlien is now integrated with QuickBooks

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/17/16 9:06 AM


Does your company use QuickBooks to manage invoices and payments?  You can now integrate your zlien account with your QuickBooks account to sync invoices, track payments and add projects.  

How it works

With zlien's QuickBooks integration, your account is ready to connect with just a few clicks.  All you need is your zlien login and QuickBooks login to connect.  Once connected, you can sync invoices instantly, associate invoices with existing projects and use this to create new projects.  

Get started in your account

Are you ready to sync your account and test out this new integration?  We're here to help!  You can contact your Account Manager directly, or follow this link and we will setup a call with you to help you sync your account: QuickBooks Integration Help

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for zlien University courses and a special user webinar on this integration.  

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