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System Release: Selecting Contacts in Queue Workflows

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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7/29/16 10:00 AM


If you are using zlien workflows to automate your notices, we have a new feature for you. Now, when you select to Automatically process items or choose the Opt-out method, you can select if you want that order sent to all contacts listed on the order, or just to the required project contacts.

Previously, the default setting for automatically placed orders was to send to required contacts only, and any edits to that setting required development work on the back end. Now, you have total control over who receives documents that are automatically ordered through your zlien queue.

Automatic Queue Workflow Settings

Automatic queue workflow settings mean that you are automatically having those documents sent once they meet your workflow requirements. You would not see these items in the queue, so do not have the option to select the contacts on a per order basis. With this new feature, you can now use the workflow to designate which contacts should receive the documents ordered by that workflow.

Once logged in to the main Administrative account, hover over "Projects" and select "Workflow Settings"


Once you are on the workflow page, select the one you would like to edit.


From there, if you have selected to automatically process items, you will see a section below called "Send Placed Order To. From here, you can select if the documents should only be sent to required contacts, or if you would like them sent to all contacts listed on the project.


Don't forget to press next and save your changes in step 3!

Opt-Out Queue Workflow Settings

If you have selected Opt-Out workflow settings, you will have the same option available in your workflow settings for selecting contacts.


Select next and continue through to save your settings.

Have any questions about using this feature or about workflows and the queue in general? Contact your Account Manager for additional information.

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