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System Release: Integrate QuickBooks Online With Your zlien Account

Posted by Jessica Fortino

2/26/18 2:08 PM

What it is

The QuickBooks Online Integration has been updated for zlien accounts. Your integration is ready in just a few clicks with your login information for QuickBooks Online and zlien. The integration allows you to sync invoices, track notice deadlines and add projects.

How it works

With the QuickBooks Online integration, you are able to link existing projects within zlien to projects with customers or sub-customers in Quickbooks. If the project is not pre-existing in zlien, you have the option to use QuickBooks Online information to quickly add the project to your zlien account. Once a project is linked, invoice updates in QuickBooks will update the financial information on the project in zlien. Additionally, there is an option to use invoices to automatically update projects’ first/last furnishing dates for you, which keeps your notice and lien deadlines always up to date.

Setting up your QuickBooks Online Integration

If you’re ready to integrate your accounts, follow these steps. 

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