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System Release: Improved Customization in the Waiver Inbox

Posted by Alyssa Dizon

2/13/17 6:00 AM

Making waivers that fit your needs just got easier with zlien's Waiver Inbox. You can now easily send waivers with offline notarization, track waivers that you sign and send offline, and build your own templates with more customizable fields.

Offline Notarization Support

Do you use notarized waivers? You can now create a waiver in the WaiverInbox, notarize it offline, then re-upload the waiver to exchange electronically.

Step 1: Create a Waiver Template with a Notarization Block

Add a Waiver Template by going to Waivers > Templates and clicking on the green plus button. Click 'Build My Template'.

Check off the box at the top for 'Requires Notary'. Drag and drop the "Notary Block" into the template from the 'Required Attributes' section on the Placeholders list on the right side of the page.

We recommend naming the template and selecting template characteristics to make it easy to find for future waivers. For example, you can name the template "Conditional Notary" and associate this template with a payment type (e.g. Conditional) to pull it up quickly when you send this type of waiver later.

Template example.png

Step 2: Generate a Waiver Using Your notary Template

Click 'New Waiver' to generate a waiver for a project you have in zlien. After you answer the three required questions to start your waiver, options for zlien waiver templates and your customized templates will pop up.

'Your Templates' show templates you created that are either associated with that type of payment (Conditional or Unconditional) or were not associated with any payment type. Select the template you created with the notary block.

Click "Download & Notarize Waiver" on the right panel and choose to download the file as a PDF or Word document. The system will prompt you to upload the notarized waiver - click "Upload Later" if you need more time to notarize it. If you don't see the window to re-upload the notarized waiver, make sure your popup blockers are turned off (find instructions for your browser here).

Create Waiver.png

Step 3: Notarize, Re-Upload, and Send the Waiver

After you print the downloaded waiver and have it notarized, scan the notarized version onto your computer. Go to the Drafts folder and click on the appropriate waiver. Click "Upload", then either drag and drop the notarized waiver PDF into the new upload window or click on the plus sign to select the PDF from your files.

Click "Send" to exchange the waiver!


Offline Signature Support

Do you use zlien to create waivers, but would prefer to sign and send them in the mail? You can now keep record of these offline exchanges in the WaiverInbox by marking drafts as sent.

After you download a draft for offline signature and mail it, simply upload the PDF back to the waiver in the Drafts folder. Then, click "Mark as Sent". This sent waiver will now be logged in your project records and will be stored for future reference.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.05.49 AM.png

Additional Custom Template Fields & Copy and Paste Capability

Additional custom fields are now available for use on templates. You can now drag and drop these fields into your custom templates. These fields pull data from your project information in zlien to save you time:

  • Project Location Name
  • Project Location Address
  • Project County
  • Project Number (this is the external customer project number, not the zlien project number)
  • User Title (user who created the waiver)
  • User Name (user who created the waiver)
  • Project Legal Property Description

If you want to add additional text to your waiver template, you can now copy and paste outside text into the template builder.

View Waiver Amount in All Waiver Lists

The Waiver Inbox now clearly displays the amount of money being waived for each waiver in the Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and All Waivers folders. You can now sort all folders in order of waiver amount -- hooray for organization!

Waivers Your Way -- All in One Place

We know that waivers are not one size-fits-all, so we've made it even easier for you to create, send, and store waivers that are formatted to fit your needs.

If you waive lien rights with documents created by other parties, we recommend double-checking those waivers for red flags to make sure you're fully protected. Building your own waiver templates or using zlien's waivers is a best practice to make sure that you’re transparent with project contacts and mitigating unwanted legal exposure.

If you have questions or feedback about waivers or anything in your zlien account, reach out to your Account Manager - we're already taking suggestions for the next round of system improvements and would love to hear from you! 

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