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Successful habits to track when using zlien

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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2/5/18 12:33 PM

At zlien, we track daily habits or routines with our team members to ensure successful weeks and metrics. It helps everyone stay on track and aligned with company goals and team progress.  Since we strongly believe in tracking healthy and successful habits, it's natural for us to roll out this movement with our customers.  In this post, we'll cover successful habits to track when using zlien to help you get the most value. 


Number of logins may seem super granular, and I agree with you on that.  It's likely not that important to you  how frequently you or your team is logging in on a daily or weekly basis.  However,if you have more than one person accessing zlien to do their job, then you want to make sure they are utilizing the account and completing the appropriate tasks (most of those tasks are covered in the habits below).

Deadline tracking

Folks use zlien for many reasons, perhaps you're looking to fill in and confirm job information, exchange lien waivers or file documents.  Generally speaking, you don't have to have deadlines in zlien to successfully use your account, but most zlieners will add projects, dates and track their deadlines.  If you're using us for deadline tracking, then make sure you are indeed tracking deadlines!  

Occasionally, we'll see folks fall behind on their deadlines and find themselves with a stack of expired deadlines and/or upcoming deadlines.  This is a bottleneck for your job collaboration, payments and overall efficiency.  You can tie this habit to logging in - if you stay on top of logging into zlien, naturally, you will stay on top of your deadlines. You can dismiss, act now or start customer conversations early and effectively. 

Responding to JobSight Suggestions 

If you're exchanging lien and notice documents in zlien, you are likely receiving JobSight Suggestions regarding your project research and data verification.  To ensure your documents are exchanged according to your preferences, be sure to check your suggestions, respond accordingly, and feel free to update your JobSight Research Preferences at anytime. By changing your preferences, you can change how frequently you receive suggestions and the types of suggestions you may receive.  

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