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Steps to take in zlien after you get paid on a job

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/29/17 10:35 AM

You just received final payment on a job!  First, you do a happy dance!  Second, you have to close out this job on your end.  Here are some tips and steps to take in 
zlien after you get paid on a job.  You can insert these easy steps into whatever workflow your company already has in place to help you get the job done quickly! 

Step 1: Sign & Send an unconditional waiver for final payment

**If you filed a lien or bond claim on the job, you should follow Step 2.

Typically, the folks paying you will ask for waivers in exchange for their payment, and it's good business to send lien waivers.  It's important to consider if you've actually received your final payment or if this is a progress payment or promise of final payment.  The latter two scenarios should not render a Final Unconditional Lien Waiver.   Think of it this way, when your check is signed, sealed, delivered, received and deposited, the Final Unconditional Waiver can be exchanged.  

When you have your job pulled up in zlien, you can start the waiver process by following the steps highlighted in the scenario below: 

Creating an Unconditional Final Waiver:


 Step 2: File a Lien Release/ cancellation 

**If you have not filed a lien nor bond claim, you should follow Step 1.

Perhaps you had to take a job to the next level and file a lien or bond claim to elicit payment.  The majority of these documents will need to be filed on the property with either the clerk of court, county recorder, or whatever the approriate recording department is for that state.  Once you've been paid, the paying party and/or property owner is likely going to ask you to release the lien.  Some state statutes set strict rules surrounding who releases the lien and when.  Check your state requirements here: Mechanics Lien State-by-state Resources.   You can file the lien release through zlien, and just like the lien, this will be processed for you.  

Follow the steps below to get your document ordered through your zlien account:

Creating a Lien Release or Cancellation: 


Step 3: Mark your job as paid

This is the exciting part! Mark your job as paid and clear out your account to make room for all of your new business.   There are several gains to marking a job as paid in zlien

  1. Clear out the clutter: There is no need to keep a job open and in your reporting if it's already paid.  Clear out the paid jobs so you can keep your focus on the jobs that are still open. 
  2. Accurately track your success: In the new zlien, we have a success dashboard that shows you where you need to focus your efforts and helps you measure your payment success. By marking paid jobs as paid, we can better present you with accurate analytics. 

When you're ready to mark a job as paid, you can follow the steps below. We recommend if you are also filing either a lien release or exchanging a lien waiver, that you mark the job as paid at the same time to save time and eliminate extra steps: 

Mark job as paid: 


Now what?!

Now you are set up for success and know exactly what to do in your zlien account once you are paid on a job.  Are you ready to take those next steps now?  Log in to your account and get started: 

File Mechanics Lien

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