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Speed up the filing process by setting Jobsight ™ Preferences

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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11/22/14 12:26 PM


Want to speed up the turnaround time for a filing through the zlien platform?  Set your custom Jobsight ™ preferences to determine how frequently or infrequently you are contacted by our research team and let us know what to do with any conflicting data.

 What are Research Preferences?

Whenever a required notice or claim is ordered through the LienPilot platform, zlien’s fulfillment team researches the project to verify the following:

  • Project type (private, public, etc.)
  • Project location (address, legal description)
  • All required contacts are set to receive the document
  • Property ownership

For those familiar with the zlien process, you have probably received a message or notification from our fulfillment team reaching out to confirm one (or more) of the above items.

For those unfamiliar with the process, if our fulfillment team finds conflicting information than provided, we reach out and confirm if you would like to use the information as originally provided, or use what was uncovered via research.

For instance, if the property owner on a mechanics lien was listed as “John Smith,” and our fulfillment team found the property owner to be listed as “John and Joanne Smith,” on the assessment record, we would contact you to confirm how you would like the property ownership listed.

Confirming this information may slow down the time it takes to get your documents sent and recorded. To expedite this process, zlien allows for “Jobsight ™ Preferences” to be set up in the system that let our fulfillment team know how to proceed in certain situations.

How to Set Your Preferences

Login to your LienPilot account, and select the gears at the top right of the screen.  From here, select “Research Preferences.”


What are the Different Preferences?

There are two main types of categories for the preferences: Non-Match and Conflict.

The term “Non-match” is used when the information found is similar to what was provided, but not exactly the same. For instance, “John Smith” vs. “John and Joanne Smith” would be classified as a “Non-match,” as they are very similar, but not exactly the same.

The term “Conflict” is used when the information found by zlien’s fulfillment team is different from what is provided. For instance, if the ownership was listed as a “John Smith,” and on the assessment record the ownership is listed as “ABC Company,” this would be considered a “Conflict.”

The “Non-match” and “Conflict” options can be selected for the property ownership, as well as the property location.


Additional settings:

  1. Property Owner Empty: Should the property owner automatically be added* to receive the documents if the property owner was not provided in the order. *NOTE: there is a charge for non-subscription users to add the property owner on notices.

  2. Project Type Conflict: How the project type is classified. For instance, if the project was listed as a “commercial (private)” project, but research finds the project may actually be a “public” project, we would normally reach out and see how you would like to proceed. If this preference is set to “Use research data only,” it would eliminate the need for our fulfillment team to reach out to you for confirmation.

  3. Match Sensitivity:  How aggressive you would like our fulfillment team to be in determining whether something is a “Non-match” or a “Conflict.” For instance, if you would like zlien to be very liberal in what constitutes a “Non-match,” you would want to set the “Match Sensitivity” to “Aggressive.”

How to handle your selections

For issues involving property ownership, the following options are available:

  1. Use research data only:  Change the information you provided to match the research data
  2. Use existing data only:  Use the information that you provided
  3. Contact you: You would like our fulfillment team to reach out to you as normal
  4. Use both: List both what was provided, as well as what the research team found, as “reputed” property owners


Benefits to setting your preferences

Speeds up the processing time of a particular order. If we know how you would like us to proceed in certain situations, we do not have to reach out and wait for a response back on how to proceed with the order. For example, if the “Property Owner Non-match Research Preferences” were set in the above example of the ownership being listed as “John Smith” vs. “John and Joanne Smith,” zlien would not have to confirm with how to list the ownership, rather the ownership would be listed as “John and Joanne Smith.

Setting your research preferences enables you to automate the research process and lets zlien know how frequently or infrequently to contact you. This is helpful whether your company processes a high volume of filings a week or even if you only file several a month. This helps filter which emails you may not want to receive, and allows for more time to focus on other tasks

To set your custom preferences, log in to your LienPilot account:

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