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JobSight™ Notifications: What are They and How to Solve Them?

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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5/1/15 10:07 AM

NotificationHave you recently received a zlien JobSight™ notification? Are you unsure how to best respond? This post will cover the different types of JobSight™ notifications you might receive from zlien and how to best respond to those notifications to ensure that your order goes out as quickly as possible. 


What is A JobSight™ Notification?

We get calls and emails from users wanting to know what is going on with their orders. "I placed my order, and now zlien's fulfillment team is contacting me. Why?" 
zlien's fulfillment team will reach out after a transaction is placed for one of two reasons:
  1. There is data we still need
  2. They have found data that is conflicting with the information that was originally provided

Missing Data

While the zlien platform will ask for a lot of information when you are entering a project into the system or placing an order, there may be a few pieces of information that might not have been requested and will be necessary to file your document. These are usually pieces of information that may not be readily available right when you are entering project data.

Some examples of this include:

  • State Required License Number
  • The Total Amount Paid to Date on a Project
  • Copies of Invoices
  • Missing Dates (such as Date Labor/Materials first delivered, Date of contract, etc. )

Misinformation can also include a party on the project that zlien would not be able to know without information from you. This is generally the information involving parties on the project, such as the party that hired you or the general contractor.

Conflicting Data

All required notices and claims filed through zlien's platform are researched to ensure that the correct ownership and property information is listed. If information is found that is different from the information provided, zlien's fulfillment team will reach out in an effort to resolve the discrepancy in the manner that you prefer.

The most common conflicting data types are the property ownership being listed as different from that provided by a user, and the project type being different from what we find in a property assessment (ie: you put public project and we find private project).

How does zlien reach out to resolve this information?

We will reach out initially in one of two ways:

1. Email: When an account is initially set up with zlien, a valid email address is required. This acts as your log   in information, but it is also used to contact you if we need any additional information. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your order. If there is information that is missing, zlien will reach out by email to obtain said information.


2. JobSight™ Notifications: When conflicting data is found, zlien will send a "JobSight™ Notification" to the email address associated with the order, which will direct you to log in to your account and resolve the notification from there. For example, if ownership is found to be different than what was provided, a JobSight™ Notification will be sent, allowing you to see both the information that you provided and the information we provided, and select how you would like proceed with listing ownership information.



I've been contacted by zlien for more information. How do i proceed?

If you receive a missing data email, the best way to resolve this is to reply directly to the email you received. The message will go directly to the fulfillment team member that is working on your order, and they can update the information and get it taken care of ASAP.

If you receive a JobSight™notification, it is best to follow the link provided in the email message and to resolve the conflict through this channel. Once you select how you would like to proceed, the data will automatically be changed to your specification, and will continue to be processed. 

With a JobSight™ notification, you can also log in to your account and resolve the notification from there. Once you log in, you'll notice the white envelope in the black navigation panel in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you have a pending research notification, a red circle with a number inside will appear on the envelope. Click on the envelope to resolve the notification.




Will zlien ever call me?

If we are in need of additional information before we process a lien order and file it, and we have not heard back regarding the messages we have sent, we will call and follow up on the matter. It is always best to respond to the messages, or to resolve the JobSight™ notifications as soon as you receive them, as it will ensure a speedy processing time for your document.

Set Jobsight ™ Preferences to Speed up the Research Process

For our subscription and enterprise users, we ask for Jobsight ™ preferences that help us determine how you would like us to handle the various research notifications. Below you'll find examples of non-match examples and conflict examples.



When you fill out your Jobsight ™ preferences, you'll be asked if you would like to use our data, your data, contact you to decide, or use both the data you provided and the data we found. Our Jobsight ™ preferences form will also indicate which of the options is a best practice for your reference.


If you are a subscription or enterprise user and have not set your JobSight™ preferences, we recommend that you do so. It only takes a few minutes and will speed up your processing time in the future. Set your JobSight™ preferences today!

Set Jobsight™ Preferences


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