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Quick Tip: How to Customize your zlien Page Views

Posted by Desiree Baez

3/29/18 11:11 AM


Since so many different types of companies use zlien, there are many ways that you can customize your zlien account. One of the most popular customizations is adjusting the column headers on the different page views.

This personalization allows you to easily see the information that’s most relevant to you while also makes it very simple to sort this information.

How to:

To update the columns in your account, simply hover over the column titles and click on the edit pencil on the right. From there, you can select which columns you would like to add and adjust their order. 

Once you have added a column, simply click on the column header to organize the information in ascending or descending order.


This customization is available on the Projects, Documents, Suggestions, Contacts, and Inbox tabs. If you have any other team members who log in to zlien, it’s important to know that changes you make to columns will apply when others log in as well.

deadline columns

The deadline columns can be especially helpful in staying organized due to their color-coded icons. Here's a sample of some deadline columns:

deadline icons.png

You can see here that deadlines that are coming up soon are red. Whereas deadlines that have been satisfied appear as a green check mark. The question mark indicates that you need to provide some more information about your project for the deadline to be calculated.

You can hover over any of these icons for helpful tool tips that provide more information about what the icon means.

Conclusion - make your account your own

Customizing your columns means you save time because the information that you need right in front of you (we know how clicks can add up!).  Ready to customize your account?


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