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Prepare for the holidays: What you should set up in zlien now?

Posted by Desiree Baez

11/13/17 3:30 PM


The Holiday Season is upon us. It’s that time of the year when we all start to take time off to spend time with  family and friends. Unlike other industries, the construction industry does not take into account that it’s a holiday. In most cases, lien filing deadlines are unforgiving.  And "sending a required notice or filing a lien after a deadline has passed could invalidate your mechanics lien claim".  So before you begin the  festivities,  take a look at our holiday planning guide so you can rest assured your rights will be protected. 

Here are a few things to consider before you take time off:

1. Who will manage the zlien account while you're gone?

Some companies have just one user who manages their zlien account, while others have multiple who work on different parts of the process or different types of jobs.  If it's just you, make sure you have someone who can keep tabs on your account in your absence.  For companies with multiple end-users, remember each end-user is  set up differently. You may need to adjust your user's permissions so they can all see the same deadlines and can cover for others who are out of the office. As a former Support Agent, I’ve run into instances where a user managing a project in one region was out of the office and missed an important deadline. Stay on top of your notice and lien deadlines by planning ahead.

Although we want you to enjoy your time off, remember that zlien a cloud-based software so if you need to login from your personal compter or mobile device, all you need is internet access! 

2. Keep your Customer Success Account Manager in the loop

Your account manager is a dedicated strategic partner who is here to help you protect your jobs, save money, and get paid faster. Let him or her know of your travel plans so that they can help you establish a plan for when you are out of the office.  They can also help montior you account while you’re away. 

Don't forget that zlien can help with the manual data entry too.  If you want to have your job sheets or other project inforation sent over to us in your absense, we can add the jobs to your accout for you. 

3. Need to gather reporting data for the year?

We can help you with that. Whether it's a team productivity report, account usage insights or a JobSight research report,  we’ve got you covered. From your zlien account, you can easily create important reports to ease the end-of-year reporting stress and your our customer success account manager can help you get started. 


In each of the fifty states, every county recorder's office is government-run and thus closed on all holidays observed by the county government and the local court system.  Moreover, holiday calendars can vary be county and any holiday can result in a filing date that is earlier than you may anticipate.  Therefore, to avoid missed deadlines, please mark your calendars accordingly and mail documents out as far in advance of filing deadlines as possible.  

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