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Paygo Series: How to order individual preliminary notices

Posted by Topher England

2/5/16 2:36 PM


As the zlien platform matures, and new features are added, we want to make sure that we  continue to empower companies of all sizes to maintain their lien rights. Although lien rights are practically enshrined in the constitution (OK, state constitutions), they aren’t always easy to maintain because the process is often complex: who, how, and when are all questions that need to be answered. For our customers who need to send notices and file liens only occasionally, we’ve still got you covered.

This series will go through the process of how to maintain lien rights on a single job from beginning to end, and is geared toward our non-subscription users, users who pay as they go: Paygo.


Do I need to send a preliminary notice?

You probably know if the state you operate in requires a preliminary notice. (If you're not sure if your state does, click here!But does that requirement apply to your role on a project? When do you need to send it? Who do you send it to? To find the answers to these questions, we recommend you check out our Mechanics Lien & Bond Claim Laws by State. Click on your state and look for the two tables at the top of the page. The left table will list Preliminary Notice requirements and the right one will list Mechanics Lien requirements.

These are further broken down by project role. If you’re hired by the property owner, you’ll want to look at the “Prime Contractor” row. General Contractor is a common synonym, and our system uses these two terms interchangeably. If you’re a subcontractor or a supplier, look at the Sub/Laborer or Supplier/Other rows.


What else do I need to know?

Below the Preliminary Notice and Mechanics Lien tables are some frequently asked questions. We encourage you to check out this section because it goes into more detail about any requirements. For example, you’ll learn the answers to the following questions:

  • Can I Include Attorney's Fees, Collection Costs, or Other Amounts in the Lien Total?
  • Can I File an Arizona Lien if I'm Unlicensed?
  • What if I send the Arizona Preliminary Notice Late?
  • Is the Arizona Preliminary Notice Considered Delivered When Sent or When Received?

These questions are just a few on the Arizona FAQ page, but each state will have slightly different questions based on that state’s laws.


How do I order one through zlien?

Once you’ve determined whether you need to send a preliminary notice and when, you can order just the document you want from our online ordering wizard. There’s no need to sign up for a monthly subscription, and you pay for only the document you want. (However, we think our subscriptions are a pretty good deal if you have to send more than a few notices each month.)


The wizard takes you through six steps:

  1. The Basics

Here, the wizard will ask you four questions to determine which liens laws apply to your project. Click “See Pricing” to see a list of documents tailored to your situation.

  1. Choose Document

In this step, you’ll select the document you want to file. Once you select a document, a description of that document appears below, and a price appears on the right. Click “Next” to proceed.

  1. About You

If you’ve used zlien before, you can click the green Login button on the right. If this is your first time filing through zlien, enter your or your company’s information in the fields and click “Next”. 

  1. About Project

If you’re filing a document on a project for the first time, enter the project information in this step. It’ll ask for the project address, project nickname, and a description of the labor or materials you provided. Click the green “Next” button to continue.

If you’ve already ordered a document on this project before, you can select the project from the dropdown and then click the “Go” button to continue.

  1. Project Contacts

Enter or verify the contact information for the property owner, general contractor, lender, and any other required contact. If you don’t know one of them, you can click the checkbox next to “I do not know this contact information or this contact does not exist.” You can also add contacts even if they're not listed as required by the system.

  1. Get Paid

If zlien needs additional information to complete your order, enter it in this step. You'll also be able to select which contacts on your project will receive the document by checking or unchecking them from the list of contacts.

zlien's standard processing time is two to five business days. This does not include any time in the mail or time at the county recorder if the document is one that needs to be recorded. If you select the $95 “Rush” option, zlien's internal processing time will shorten to one business day. In general, we recommend rushing a document if its deadline is within 10 days to ensure it arrives on time.

Click the “Place Order” button and enter your payment information. When you submit payment, the system will send you a confirmation email and redirect you to the order status page. This page will be update as your order is being processed. Right now, we recommend you download the “Order Summary” PDF. Verify that the information you submitted is correct, and keep it for your records. If you need to contact us about your order, reference the six digit order number in your email, chat, or phone call.

 As you navigate these steps, please note that the browser back and forward buttons might not play nice. Please use the included Back and Next buttons at the bottom of the form: 



Where can I get started?

Click the button below to start protecting your projects:

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