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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

zlien Outbound Support: What It Is and Why You Get Calls

Posted by Erin Classen

3/28/18 10:00 AM


Our support team is always here to help if you have questions about zlien or mechanics lien resources in general. You probably know that you can contact us by phone, email, or live chat, but did you also know that we may sometimes proactively reach out to you about an order in your account?

To do as much as we can to help users resolve their JobSight alerts and get orders out as quickly as possible, we may give you a call! These calls are made as a courtesy by our outbound support team, which is made up of members of our support department.

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15 Minutes to Spring Clean your zlien Account

Posted by Sean Landry

3/20/18 4:36 PM

When the days get longer and the air gets warmer, it's time to throw open windows and do some spring cleaning.  You may already be planning a closet or garage purge, but don't forget about staying organized at the office.  Spring cleaning at the office can have the same great benefits such as improving your mood and saving you time. 

Here's how you can take 15 minutes today to clean up your zlien account to set your spring up for success.

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3 Proactive Tactics to Get You Paid

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

3/16/18 4:30 PM

Would you prefer a life vest to help prevent you from drowning or a lifebuoy after you're already in rough waters? Let's hope no one is drowning (or drowning in work), but it is important to consider your strategy for preventing tough situations.  These 3 tips will help your company take a proactive approach to getting paid quickly so you can stay afloat.

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How accurate is your project information?

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

3/13/18 10:35 AM

Whether you gather data from your customers or research it yourself, getting the details wrong can put your company at risk. Just how accurate is your information? We've dug into our JobSight research data to give you some insight into the answer.

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Strategies for Making Protecting your Lien Rights a Habit

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

3/8/18 12:06 PM

Achieving success in zlien and protecting your lien rights is not a one-time achievement.  This is an on-going experience, and you’re going to get the most value by forming habits. Some of these habits will be quick wins for you and your company, and others will build up overtime with long-term gains. In this blog, we’ll help you set yourself up for success by setting  strategies for making protecting lien rights a habit for you and your business.

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Resolved Issue: Limited Access to zlien

Posted by Madeline Fortino

3/2/18 9:48 AM

March 2nd, 2018 | 12:35 CT [RESOLVED Issue]: We received reports that users were experiencing issues logging in and using the zlien site during the morning of March 2nd, 2018. This issue was resolved by our development team as of 12:15 pm CT, and we can confirm the zlien site is running. We want to apologize any inconvenience this may have caused.

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System Release: Integrate QuickBooks Online With Your zlien Account

Posted by Jessica Fortino

2/26/18 2:08 PM

What it is

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Understanding Mail Tracking in Your zlien Account

Posted by Erin Classen

2/23/18 1:00 PM

As part of zlien’s processing of your order, our team takes care of mailing your document to the selected recipients.  Once this has been done, your order status will be updated to “Notice Sent,” indicating that it’s on its way. If your document was sent by certified mail, we will also provide the tracking information for your mailings so you can keep an eye on their progress through USPS.

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How to build and exchange custom lien waiver forms through zlien

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

2/21/18 9:30 AM

zlien enables anyone to sign and request lien waivers on projects. If you're working in one of the 12 states with statutory lien waiver formszlien will automatically suggest that state's statutory form for you. In other states, zlien offers a simple, standard template or the ability to build and exchange your own custom waivers using our Template Builder!

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Top 3 underutilized zlien features that can increase your efficiency

Posted by Charlotte McPherson

2/14/18 10:18 AM

At zlien, we're constantly adding new features to help you save time and money.  This post covers three of zlien's most underutilized features than can help you and your team increase your efficiency.

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