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OptIn vs. OptOut Queue Workflows

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/25/15 3:23 PM

zlien Queue: Opt-in vs. Opt-Out

If you’re using the zlien  Queue, then you can set custom workflows in your account to determine how you want the system to handle your items.  Workflows create seamless automation - you tell the system what to do and when to do it.  There are three types of workflows: Automated, OptIn and OptOut.  A fully Automated setting will process items as soon as they meet your preferences.  OptIn and OptOut settings will be treated differently, and this post will explore the difference between the queue workflows. 

Turnover Period

For OptIn and OptOut workflows, the turnover period is the number of days that an item will remain in the queue before it expires.  This is done to avoid an accumulation of queue items resulting in the cumbersome task of managing too many items.  Once the turnover period expires, and depending on the type of workflow, the system will either:

  • Cancel the item and nothing will be sent [OptIn]
  • Automatically set the order to “New” and process the document [OptOut]

The most commonly used turnover periods are 6, 8 or 10 days.  Please note, only the main user on your account will be able to view, add or edit your queue settings.


A queue item will only be processed if an end user approved the item in the queue.  If not action it taken at the end of the turnover period, then nothing will be filed and the item will be canceled by the system.  This queue setting requires the most attention from end users.  In addition to approving items with this setting, users still have the option to cancel or snooze items before the turnover period expires.


If no action is taken by a user at the end of the turnover period, then the queue item will automatically be approved and processed.  The system will create a new order, and the order is now in line for standard (3-5 day) processing.  A user does not have to wait for the turnover period to end for the item to be approved.  At anytime during the turnover period, a user can approve, snooze or cancel an item.

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