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On the Road - Bring zlien to You

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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1/25/18 8:30 AM

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Do you want to meet the voice on the other end of the phone in person? I know we want to meet you. As an Account Manager with zlien, I have had the privilege of visiting customers in their offices across the country. These visits are incredibly valuable, as they give us the opportunity to sit down and get to know you and your business in person, continue to grow our partnerships with you and your team, provide on-the-spot training, and most importantly, get your feedback and discover different ways that we can help your business grow. 

Let's explore some of the different types of visits we can do and the benefit they provide to you and your team. 

On-Site zlien Training

In-Person Training is available for customers who want a hands-on learning experience. One of our expert trainers will visit your office to deliver training to your team. This includes creating your administrative settings and getting your notice policy into zlien, as well as navigating the site.Our Training & Onboarding team members will take the time to sit with the members of your team to help understand how they can get their jobs done more effectively with zlien.We do offer online training sessions as well. This option is for you and your team if you thrive in a live learning environment. You can sign up for In-Person Training directly through our site!

Lien & Notice Policy Training for your Team

Is your team completely new to notices and liens? Or have you just hired some new staff members and want to get them onboarded quickly? zlien is here to help with customized lien and notice policy training. We'll go over notice and lien information in the states that you work in, and speak to your entire team (Sales and Support included!) about the importance of gathering job information and collaborating up the chain early to get paid faster. This can really help with getting your team up to speed on liens and notices, in addition to helping your team communicate your policy with your customers.   

Conference Presentations

Does your company attend or host any conferences? If yes, invite zlien! This gives us an opportunity to help you educate others on the importance of having a notice policy in place and share your success with others. We can present on best practices in Construction Payment, policies that focus on collaboration first, and ways to save time and improve communication with technology solutions. This is a great option for you if you need help getting more buy-in for your proactive notice policy at a company-wide conference, or want to help educate colleagues from other companies at Association Conferences so they can start a policy of their own. 

Notice & Lien Certification Courses

We want to partner with you to bring zlien Notice and Lien Education and Certification courses to your city! We can partner with you and other industry professionals to provide lien and notice information, as well as panels with industry experts, to help inform the construction community in your area. These courses help you grow professionally and expand your network so your business can grow more too. 

zlien Customer Summit

zlien has built an incredibly strong community of customers. Now we want to connect you with other construction payment experts so we can tackle the challenges you each face in construction, share best practices and lessons learned, and of course have some fun while we're at it! You'll also get some sneak peaks at what we are working on next, and have the opportunity to give us feedback in person so we can keep delivering as much value as possible to your business. 

If you are interested in any of our visit options, please reach out directly to your account manager or provide your information in the link below and we'll be in touch to set everything up! 

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