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zlien Cover Letters

Posted by Topher England

8/31/15 1:06 PM

As of November 2017, zlien has released new cover letter designs and this post is out of date. To view the new cover letters, see Updates to zlien Cover Letters.

We're always looking for ways to improve how we do things at zlien, which is why we're pretty excited about our cover letters that are available for a variety of documents. We've updated them based on the feedback of our customers and the recipients of the letters, and we think they look pretty good! 

With these new cover letters, our goals were to:

  • Improve clarity of the document and transparency of the payment process
  • Maintain positive working relationships
  • Provide an easy mechanism to fix errors and provide missing information

Preliminary Notice Cover Letter to Hiring Party

This cover letter will be on all preliminary notices sent to the hiring party, even voluntary ones. So, if you're a material supplier hired by a sub-contractor, this will be sent to the sub who hired you.



Preliminary Notice Cover Letter to Non-hiring Party

This is the cover letter attached to the preliminary notice that gets sent up the chain. It applies to both required and voluntary preliminary notices. Using the same example as before, if you're a material supplier hired by a sub, this cover letter is attached to the preliminary notice sent to the GC and the property owner. 



Monthly Notice Cover Letter

This monthly notice cover letter is used for all notice recipients of recurring, monthly notices sent in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.



Notice of Intent to Lien Cover Letter

This cover letter is included on all required or voluntary notices of intent to lien. At this stage, tensions can get pretty high, so our goal with this cover letter is to work toward a payment solution and keep the lines of communication open between you and your customer. We do not accept arrangements on your behalf, but we do provide a space for the non-paying party to communicate with you regarding your intentions.


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