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Important System Release: New Year, New Add Project Page

Posted by Topher England

1/8/16 12:28 PM



At zlien, we've got a New Year's Resolution: Make Life Simpler. 

That's why we're excited to annouce that one of the most-used pages is getting an upgrade in both looks and usability. The Add Project page houses a lot of functionality and is the basis for tracking deadlines and filing documents, but we hadn't revisited it in a while. So, based on extensive customer feedback, we've put a lot of effort into simplifying the page, making it easier and faster to use. The new Add Project page will be rolling over the weekend, so be sure to check it out on Monday!



The new Add Project page will feature a clear progression. We've divided the process into three steps: Project Info, Project Contacts, and Project Dates. The system will verify that you've filled out all the required information before you can move on to the next step. The system will also now present a summary of the information you entered for you to review. You can edit the information before clicking the Save Project button.  


More helpful

At each step of the Add Project page, the right hand side will walk you through the process by listing "How it works", as well as some helpful hints. We've also put extensive work into adding relevant hints in the tooltips by many fields. Just look for the blue question mark icon and hover your mouse over it for a description.  


More powerful

When you finish entering information, you have the option to file a document directly when you save the project. If you've entered project dates, the system will calculate your upcoming deadlines and give you the option to file a relevant document. This is especially useful if you performed work or provided material in a state that requires a preliminary notice. 

If you often have multiple projects to enter in a row, you're going to like this new feature: You can select the option to "Save & Create another Project." With this feature, once you save the project, the system will reset the Add Project page so you can enter your next project. In the past, the system would always redirect you to the Project Info page of the project you entered. Now you can choose whether to go to the Project Info page or add another new project. We built this to save you time adding projects into zlien!


Moving forward


Although we redesigned the Add Project page to make it easier to enter projects, we know change can be hard sometimes. That's why we're keeping the old Add Project page around for a while. To access it, just click the "Switch to Old Version" link at the top of the page. You can switch back and forth between the old version and the new at any time, but keep in mind that eventually we're going to have to retire the old version. As you begin to use the new version, please give us your feedback. Afterall, we built the new page for you based on the feedback we received, so if you see a way to make the new version even better, please let us know!


Add A Project


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