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New to zlien? Read This

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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7/21/14 3:31 PM

Welcome to zlien!

Every day, new users join zlien, and they may be joining a company that already has an account with us or join from a company that is completely new to zlien.   This post is a great way to jump start your account and get up to speed to implement the zlien Methodology and Get Paid!

Whether you are a company new to zlien or a new employee of a company already using our platform, you will find useful information in this post such as:

  • Your LienPilot account
  • How to access online resources and education
  • How to use the software
  • For beginners: What is a lien?

LienPilot Platform


The LienPilot is zlien's online platform for users to track lien and notice deadlines, file documents to secure lien rights and manage projects in any state.  From the platform, any user can add projects and file documents.  Once documents have been filed, they can be tracked from start to finish including certified mail tracking and access to all research materials, filed documents and proofs of service. 

We frequently post on the LienPilot, and you can see more tips and tricks, best practices and tutorials: LienPilot Posts.

In addition to reading up on LienPilot articles, we invite you to download the Complete eGuide to Navigate Your LienPilot.  This guide is a compilation of the most-used functions in the LienPilot along with resources to help you achieve your goals to Lien Smart & Get Paid. 

Download eGuide If your company is new to zlien, set up your LienPilot account with your company and default user information.  Once your account is setup, you can add custom features such as:

*Whether you are the default user or a sub-user, user names must be an email address. 

Resources & Online Education

At zlien, we believe in empowering our users with the resources and tools needed to leverage lien rights in any state.  In addition to state-by-state resources for lien and bond claim laws, we publish two blogs, host weekly webinars, and prepare white papers and forms for free download.  Below is a list of useful resources, and you can watch this webinar OnDemand: Where & How to Access zlien's Online Resources & Education

  • State-by-State Resources: Breakdown of the notice, lien and bond claim resources for every state.  All resources are written and curated by attorneys.
  • Construction Finance Journal: Leading thought and resources for the construction, financial professional.
  • zlien Community: Hub of system releases, tips and tricks, best practices and updates on the team.
  • Free, Live Webinars: zlien hosts two live webinars every week on Wednesday and Thursday at 1pm CST.  Schedules posted one month at a time.

If you can't make a webinar, feel free to watch OnDemand at your convenience.  See all webinars OnDemand:

Watch OnDemand

 Beginners Resources 

Mechanics lien and bond claim compliance may be new territory for you, and that's OK.  We understand this process has many nuances and can seem overwhelming at times.  Thanks to our LienPilot platform, the system can walk you through every step of the way with a series of action items driven by your basic project data and trigger dates (typically the first and last dates on the job). 

By adopting the zlien Methodolgy and applying this process to all of your projects, you can protect your jobs, secure your lien rights, and get paid... every time. 

zlien Methodology



For more information on our methodology, visit the Credit Academy.   Here is some information regarding lien and bond claim compliance, along with how you can use the LienPilot to track your next steps:

Ready, set, GO!

Now you have all of the tools and resources needed to get started with zlien.  Still have questions?  A team member is ready to assist you:

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST

Open a support ticket anytime: mail@zlien.com

Log in or create your LienPilot account now:

Log In Now

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