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Check out zlien's New Lien Waiver Exchange

Posted by Topher England

3/7/16 3:26 PM


zlien's proud to introduce a new Lien Waiver Exchange available to users and non-users alike. We've heard the feedback that exchanging lien waivers can be a pain (and messy!), and we wanted to simplify that process for everybody. Using our new Lien Waiver Exchange, you can quickly choose the right waiver for you, generate a waiver that complies with your state's statute, and sign and send it electronically or download it for printing.

For our subscriptions users, please note that the Lien Waiver Exchange is a standalone public feature. We'll be integrating it to the zlien App next and adding features specifically geared toward subscription users. You can continue generating lien waivers in App for now, or you can try the publically accessible version.

Read on to learn more about this exciting new feature.

Our goal with this latest release is to simplify the lien waiver process and level the playing field. With a few simple questions, you can select the type of waiver appropriate to your situation. The best part about this feature is that it works in BOTH directions. If you're a general contractor, you can generate waivers and send them to your subs and suppliers to sign, or if you're a sub, you can send a signed waiver to your general contractor.


Step-by-step Walkthrough 


In Step 1, you'll need to enter the project address and answer two simple questions: 

  • Has money already exchanged hands?
  • What type of payment is being made?

Based on your answers to these questions, the system will select one of the following lien waiver types:

  • Partial Conditional
  • Final Conditional
  • Partial Unconditional
  • Final Unconditional

If you want to make the selection manually, click the link to "Let me just select a waiver type".

In the About You step, enter your company's information, and in the next step, you'll enter the waiver details, including:

  • Who is writing or wrote the check for this payment?
  • Who is receiving payment and waiving lien rights?
  • Any Disputed Amounts
  • Amount of Payment Received or to Be Received
  • Through Date 

Click Finalize, and the system will generate a preview that you can proof for errors. From here, you can either sign the waiver or send it to the other party to be signed. You can also download it directly, if you want to exchange the waiver in person. If you send the waiver to the other party to be signed, they can sign it electronically straight from the Waiver Exchange. You'll get an email when your waiver has been signed!


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