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Feature Launch: Send and receive documents electronically

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

10/24/17 8:47 AM


Securing lien rights and getting paid in construction is a paper-heavy process. Complying with state lien laws means following antiquated rules about sending documents by snail mail, typically by certified mail. At zlien, we save you a trip to the post office by mailing these documents for you.

But going to the post office is only half the problem. Paper exchanges are messy, expensive, difficult to track, and slow. In today's day and age, people want speed, efficiency, and immediate results. That's why zlien now allows you to send all documents electronically in addition to mailing them.

When ordering a document through zlien, you will now have the option to email the document in addition to, or instead of, mailing it through USPS. You can select delivery options on a per-recipient basis.

Who is this for?

Everyone! It's beneficial for anyone who sends notices and waivers, and anyone who receives them.

What are the benefits?

Speedy Delivery = Faster Results and Faster Payment

Preliminary notices, monthly notices, waivers, and notices of intent to lien contain valuable information about project participants and play a huge role in promoting transparency on projects. Unfortunately, this critical information is often trapped in a paper version of a document that might not get to the right person or get organized and shared in an efficient way.

Emailing these documents allows subcontractors and suppliers to immediately deliver that information to parties up the chain. If you're waiting on payment, or you're a general contractor who doesn't know that someone on your project hasn't been paid, no one wants to wait for snail mail to deliver the message. The faster these documents are delivered, the faster everyone gets paid.

Ease of Organization

Paper document exchanges are messy and difficult to keep track of, especially when you're both a recipient and a sender of documents. Emailing documents allows everyone up and down the chain to keep track of sent and received documents in one place, and store them safely online.

Now you can use the new zlien Document Inbox to collect all notices, waivers, and other lien rights documents electronically in one place. File documents with the right project and project participants immediately!

Reduced Costs

Postage costs can add up, especially when you're mailing voluntary documents -including "best practice" documents that aren't required by law in the state where you're working (like Notices of Intent to Lien in most states) or copies of required documents that you want to send to non-required recipients. Voluntary documents don't have statutory mailing requirements, so zlien sends them first class mail. If you think emailing them would be just as effective, then save some money on postage and choose electronic exchange instead!

HOW DOes it work?

When ordering a document through zlien, you now have the option to email the document in addition to, or instead of, mailing it through USPS. You can select delivery options on a per-recipient basis with the click of a button.

If a certain party is required by state law to receive a document in the mail, then zlien selects them to receive a mailed copy by default. But now, you can also choose to email them a copy and reap the benefits of electronic exchanges.

If there are parties that are NOT required by state law to receive the document, or if you're sending a "best practice" document that isn't required by law in the state where you're working, you can choose to send the document by email, first class mail, or both. 

Ready to try it for yourself? Login now and create a document!



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