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How to Make Document Exchanges Better for the People You Work With

Posted by Olivia Huppman

12/13/17 9:24 AM


We know know how important your relationships with vendors and customers are to your business. When you send documents through zlien, we want to make sure the recipients have a positive experience and get value from the information you share. 

We've made it easier than ever for the people who receive your zlien documents. Now they can easily access, save, and communicate about documents online. This article outlines some of the ways you can make life easier for the people you work with by sending electronic documents through zlien.

Exchange Documents Seamlessly

When you send a zlien notice or waiver electronically, your recipients can instantly access and save documents without scanning or faxing any paperwork. They can organize documents from you and from other zlien users in one place, and they can respond to documents online.

Thousands of contractors and suppliers use our system, so chances are some of your customers or vendors already use zlien! When a zlien user sends a document to another zlien user through the platform, there’s no need for the recipient to scan papers or input data. The document will automatically appear in their Document Inbox. (Don't be surprised if you see notices and waivers from other zlieners popping up in your own Inbox!)

Build Stronger Relationships with the People You Work With

Make life easier for the people you work with by giving them a place to instantly access information and discuss documents online. All project contacts that receive an electronic document are connected online, enabling everyone to instantly get in touch. Get everyone on the same page without playing phone tag or sifting through bulky email threads.

Get More Visibility into Delivery Statuses

Electronic sending gives you the peace of mind that documents have been delivered and opened. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that the paperwork gets to the right person’s desk and is viewed, instantly see when the document has been delivered and opened in your zlien account.

Share Information Faster (and Better)

Electronic documents are received before paper copies arrive in the mail. The recipient can instantly save the document to their records and automatically pull key project information into their database. Help your customers skip tedious data entry and make sure they have the correct details. 

Ready to send some documents?



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