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Known Issue: Email Provider Experiencing Connectivity Errors

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

5/24/18 2:24 PM

zlien's email service provider, Mandrill, is currently investigating elevated connectivity error rates that are affecting web and API access in multiple Mandrill regions, including regions in the United States that affect zlien users.

These connectivity issues may result in some emails being undeliverable when sent through zlien's platform. Specifically, zlien users have reported not receiving certain emails, or receiving them without proper formatting. Emails related to order confirmations, order updates, JobSight alerts, daily summary emails, and electronic documents (like waivers) may be affected. If you place a rush lien or rush order with research included, be sure to check back in your zlien account for any JobSight alerts.

We are investigating the scope of impact on our customers and our product team is closely monitoring the situation as it continues with Mandrill. We want to apologize for the inconvenience and will follow up with zlien customers after Mandrill is back in action.

Our zlien Support Team is standing by if you have any questions: mail@zlien.com, chat, or  855-927-2737.