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JobSight 'Early' Research- Documents vs Projects

Posted by Amy Steinkampf

9/8/17 4:52 PM

If your zlien subscription includes JobSight Research, you already know how it works and how valuable this is for you and your business. When you order a document such as a preliminary notice or lien claim, the JobSight team takes the information you give us then confirms what you already have, adds additional data, and lets you know about anything that is missing based on the research preferencs you set in your account. You get to decide when you want to review our research, use your own, or let us make updates for you according to your JobSight Preferences.

Right now, research is only triggered when you’re ready to send a document, but we’re listening to your needs and looking ahead to what’s next for zlien: research completed on your project as soon as it has entered the system. While we’re still in the early stages of testing this service, how can project research benefit you?  In this post, we'll overview JobSight 'Early' Research - Documents vs Projects. 

transparency up and down the chain

Here at zlien, we talk a lot about the construction project “payment chain”. At the top are Property Owners and Lenders moving down to General Contractors, Subcontractors, Sub-subs, Material Suppliers, Equipment Lessors and so on. People at the bottom of the chain might have no idea who is at the top and the people at the top of the chain might have no idea the people at the bottom even exist.


Filling in the gaps on this payment chain increases transparency for everyone involved. People at the bottom of the chain can keep everyone informed about the work they’ve done and people at the top of the chain can avoid payment problems before they arise. This is especially handy in states like Iowa and Michigan which have requirements regarding tracking who is working on the project.



ready to go

Preliminary notices are a great way to keep everyone on a construction job informed, but you may have personal or professional reasons for holding off on sending a notice. If you work in Texas, for example, you know the crunch to make sure you’ve sent all required notices for outstanding invoices and avoid unnecessary notices when last minute payments come through.

But when you’re ready to pull the trigger, you don’t want anything to slow down your ability to get your documents out the door. When JobSight has already researched your project, you’ll have information such as the property owner name and address, legal property description, and verified project address ready for you to check off and send.

next steps

Our growth depends on you. zlien is working to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to increase visibility and communication - abd you are helping us to achieve that. Adding projects to the system, submitting feedback, and working with our User Success team to make the most of your account helps us offer you the best possible experience.

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