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Is zlien Data Entry Right for You?

Posted by Patrick Ryan

2/7/18 12:40 PM


At zlien, we encourage securing your payments on every job , as being protected on every job is better than being protected only on a portion of them. One way to make adopting this policy easier is by decreasing the time it takes to get projects into zlien. As such, Data Entry is one solution to that accomplishes this.  

In this article, we'll help you determine: Is zlien data entry right for you?


Getting your jobs into zlien is an important step to getting the most value from your account, and zlien Data Entry is one way for you save time in the process. Our team here can enter in project information for you and take it off your plate completely. Project information sheets, invoices and payment application, contact and stakeholder information - our team can enter it all.


Data Entry here at zlien is one of the several ways we can help you automate the process of getting project information into zlien; however, this specific solution has the benefit of being quickly available to any company that collects job sheets and/or invoices for their jobs. In short, the required setup is quick, low touch and painless and only requires that you send over your job sheets and/or invoices to a designated email address.


Be sure to collect all the necessary information at the beginning of the job. Collecting project information from the start is an industry best practice as it often avoids having to chase down contacts for information at the last minute; furthermore, having this information early on and in one place makes it easier to transfer the information to our team. In addition to this, you can also utilize zlien’s free project information sheet if your not sure where to start!

Be sure to contact your account manager for more information about this or to get this set up for your account!

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